Cheetah’s principle of observance

  On the desert steppe of Canada, there is an animal called the White Bighorn Sheep.

  Legend has it that their pair of big horns can bring good luck, but they don’t want to be hunted by humans. In order to survive, the bighorn sheep itself carried out a “gene revolution”, not only the longer and smaller the angle, but also moved to the towering, steep valley to live, and trained a special mountain climbing ability.

  Their special hoofs can hold the slippery rock face tightly, and squat on the steep stone wall, and the color of the body also mutates into a tan that is easy to protect themselves. In addition to the golden eagle hovering at high altitude, it is able to take away the newly born, sleazy little horned sheep. The carnivores on the land have always been sighing at them.

  However, once, a small bighorn sheep ran to the valley alone, and unfortunately became a snack of a hungry cheetah. This cheetah has since fallen from the problem that non-bighorn sheep do not eat. Every day, crouching down the hill, waiting for the traces of the bighorn sheep, even in spite of the danger of life, catching up with the peaks of the mountains. The crazy behavior of the cheetah “Guo mouth does not care about life” fully shows: big horn lamb, let them inadvertently found a delicious, delicious taste. Soon, the nearby cheetah also discovered this secret. Poor bighorn sheep have a ferocious, awkward natural enemies. The hunters of cheetahs are “latent” in the valley around the “leopard” as the scorpion, and keep the “mountain” to “the sheep.”

  Of course, the clever bighorn sheep will not sit and wait for “eat”. Every time they encounter the attack of the enemy cheetah, they will spread the four hooves and rush to the right and rush to the steepest, meandering and rugged rock wall. Surprisingly, in this process, the cheetahs that have consistently hunted and hunted for food have not had a “cross-cutting love” or “half-way killing”, but they are quietly “crossing the mountain”. Why is this?

  After many observations and studies, the curious and incredible zoologists finally found an amazing answer: the more critical the crisis, the steeper and more dangerous the way the bighorn chooses to escape, just like the details of the abyss. Single wooden bridge. The cheetah is huge and runs fast. The narrow road suddenly jumps out of the “third party”, and the other cheetah will fall off the cliff and break the bones. Therefore, when the cheetahs hunted the bighorn sheep, they strictly adhered to one principle: any companion from chasing the bighorn sheep until the United States and the United States enjoyed the victory, the other cheetahs would never interfere or snatch. Even if you can get “salt flow three thousand feet”.

  What is the so-called “animal” in our mouth, who is the moral person? In order to compete for fame and fortune, intrigue, even at the expense of hurting, slandering companions, friends – this is probably the “compliance principle” of some of us.