Car number nine

Zhang Dawei is a serviceman. He has just finished his one-month family visit and returned to the army by train. As the train sped along, Zhang Dawei had no intention of paying attention to the scenery outside the window. His mind was filled with the expression of his wife’s unwilling parting and the pink smiling face of his infant daughter.

” Hello, comrade-in-arms!” A man dressed in police uniform rushed over and interrupted Zhang Dawei’s thoughts. The police took one look at Zhang Dawei’s military uniform and said anxiously, ” I’m Chief Constable Huang Ming. There is a group of robbers in carriage 9. We need your support.”

” what? Go! ” Bandits like military intelligence, Zhang Dawei didn’t even think about it, just follow Huang Ming to catch the past. Through the noisy narrow passage, I managed to get to the junction of carriages 8 and 9. I saw more than 10 masked bandits waving bright machetes, and shivering passengers reluctantly threw cash and jewelry into the bandits’ bags.

At both ends of the carriage were two armed police officers. ” Stop it! Or you’ll shoot! ” The gangsters turned a deaf ear to the yelling of the police. Huang Ming said sideways to Zhang Dawei: ” This is a group of habitual bandits. We know that we are afraid of hurting the masses and cannot shoot them, so we are fearless and audacious.”

” Chief of the police, do you think of some way to contact the comrades on the other side and let them look for active duty soldiers in the rear carriages.” Zhang Dawei is a reconnaissance company commander in the army. Faced with such a critical situation, he still faces the danger without disorder. ” Hold the robbers steady first and I’ll be back in a minute.”

Zhang Dawei turned and walked to the front number one carriage. He stood in the middle of the car, sounding like Hong Zhong: ” I am Zhang Dawei, chief of the reconnaissance company. A group of robbers robbed openly in carriage 9. All soldiers come with me!” Just then, a second lieutenant and a sergeant squeezed out of the crowd.

Then, a noncommissioned officer was found in carriage 2. there were two lieutenants in carriage 3. carriage 4, carriage 5 … in carriage 8, there were no soldiers, but a middle-aged man in a suit and tie stood up: ” I am a veteran Chinese soldier, count me in!”

When Zhang Dawei returned to carriage 9, 12 soldiers in various military uniforms had gathered around him. There are army, navy, armed police and even fire fighters, which can be said to be a great combination of various arms. On the other side of the carriage, nearly ten soldiers were also gathered.

Twenty or thirty military police officers fell from the sky. The robbers were at a loss when they did not expect them. The confrontation lasted less than a minute. They all dropped machetes and dropped them.

Zhang Dawei commanded the gang to be captured in groups of two. Scarface, the last leader, Zhang Dawei and the Chinese soldiers were about to be escorted. Which material Scarface instantly pulled out a dagger and stabbed the Chinese soldiers in the chest. Just at that moment, Zhang Dawei made a swift and violent attack. His stiff right palm stuck Scarface’s wrist like iron tongs, and the dagger in his hand fell. Unexpectedly, Scarface’s left hand pulled out a dagger from her waist and plunged it into Zhang Dawei’s thigh. When the Chinese soldiers saw a genial smile, they aimed a hook at their forehead, and Scarface saw stars immediately and gave in easily.

Zhang Dawei was both wise and brave. He cleverly called his comrades in arms to capture the bandit gang. At that time, it was widely spread inside and outside the army. He also won the first-class personal merit. However, the gangster stabbed him in the thigh, injured his bones and muscles, and left behind a slight disability. After returning to his hometown, he became the chief of security in a large state-owned enterprise.

Ten years later, state-owned enterprises were restructured and Zhang Dawei was laid off. The house leaks at night, and a sudden earthquake, he lost his wife and home. When life was in trouble and there was no way out, the postman delivered five money orders to Zhang Dawei. Remittance places come from different provinces and cities, but the column of remitters reads ” carriage no 9″.

Before long, Zhang Dawei received an employment notice from a well-known enterprise in the provincial capital for the first time. He went to report for duty doubtfully, and the chairman of the board actually met him in person.

Zhang Dawei, seeing that the other party was somewhat familiar, studied carefully: ” Are you carriage number nine … Chinese soldier?” ” Well, carriage number nine!” Two life and death comrades who fought side by side hugged each other tightly.