Are we okay when we are away from home?

  The child is a kite, no matter how fast the flight is, the line is always at the parents.

  The biggest wish of high school is to do your own ability to test a university farther away, the farther the better. Later, I finally arrived at the school that was two thousand kilometers away from home. I was finally free to do my best and do whatever I wanted. Later, I stayed in the city to work and live… But soon, we finally got sick, a disease called homesick. .

  Long Yingtai once wrote: “Parents, for a person in his twenties, I am afraid that it is like an old house. You live in it. It shelters you from the wind and gives you warmth and safety. But the house is the house. You don’t talk to the house, communicate, appreciate it, and please it.” In the field, we are in love with the “old house” of our parents – tolerance and warmth, we are so Love them, but love is not to know, not to understand, and even many times, in the name of love, we deliberately do not know, do not understand.

  For example, we never noticed how our parents lived in the days when we left home…

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  Every time we go home, they can always make a big table dish, prepare a lot of fruits, snacks, clothes and shoes for us. They will talk to us about the gossip of the seven aunts and lead us to go shopping. It’s very warm and lively. But in the days when we were at home, they were “empty nesters”, they would always be quiet, maybe there were some losses, they were cheap and simple, they didn’t talk much, they lived far less than when we were at home. Colorful…Mum can eat a lot of dishes a day

  Netizen huanghaizhen: Every time I go home, my mother always buys chickens early in the morning, and then adds a lot of supplements to stew. When I stepped into the door with one foot, my mother would say, “It’s thinner!” Then I bought the big fish and meat. When I saw a dish of not fresh meat, I asked how it was still left when my mother said, “Nothing, one person, put it in the refrigerator when you can’t finish it. Anyway, it won’t be bad. A dish can be eaten for many days.” We eat, and they are more fragrant than they eat in their stomachs.

  They are more saved, in order to give you a down payment

  Netizen Mars Elves: The price of big cities has risen steadily. My boyfriend and I can’t afford to buy a house, and the wedding period is delayed. After the parents knew it, they took out all the savings. Looking at the money, I want to cry, 100,000 pieces, it is the parents who have worked hard for so many years, not willing to eat, not willing to wear, not willing to use, only to kneel down. Today, because my daughter wants to buy a house, they will give us the passbook without saying anything. Dad only said: “My daughter has a big house. I am happy. I have to suffer hard with my daughter when I have to suffer.” But what about their future pension? Don’t you eat or drink? How can I get this money? They save money and always give us the best things.

  They learn to go online and chat with you video

  User Chaoyang: I have a computer at home to chat with my parents. Because the hardware problem can only see the video, there is no sound, I can only type and communicate with them. My parents are old, and on the screen, I can feel them watching for a long time, almost one word and one word. I am going to get married next year. My mother said that she would not be able to go home for the New Year after she got married. She said that she would not be able to go back before the third day of the first month after returning to this year, and that I was in tears.

  In order to see you in the distance, they are willing to wait a few hours in front of the computer.

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  You may have received such a text message: “When do you go home, your dad wants to die for you”, “When you have time to call Mom and Dad”, “Rabbit scorpion, forget your parents”… Children are parents A piece of meat in the heart grows out and can never be given up. At home, in our room, even on the bedside book, my parents didn’t move, saying that it was like feeling like a child at home. These two old people, in the days when we were not at home, used to think of us again and again, and we missed our thoughts over and over again. Thinking about children, like breathing, is something they are doing all the time… They will take out our small to big photos and look at the netizen’s eight treasures: for work reasons, it has been several years. When I didn’t go home, my parents called and told me: “Daughter, my parents will take a look at your photos every day. From your full moon to college graduation, we all look. You have new photos to remember to send back. My parents haven’t seen you for a few years, I’m afraid I can’t remember your appearance, I can’t recognize you…” After listening to me, I ran completely.

  If they can, they will be willing to grow up with us once.

  They never miss the weather forecast for our city

  Netizen swevenJAN: Once, Dad called and said, “Don’t go out to eat any more. You see what bacteria are detected in the food now. Be careful to eat bad stomachs, go out and wear thick points, and cool down to ten degrees. “I said: “Do you see the weather forecast here?” He said: “I look at it every day, you are a dozen degrees, Shenzhen is also a dozen degrees (the younger brother is in Shenzhen), there is wind, cooling down, no me. Cold, but keep warm and don’t freeze…” Mom and Dad are always the old people who share the sun and share the wind and rain in the distance.

  Always clean our room over and over again

  Netizen Mint: When I went back in the summer vacation, I saw a set of purple sand tea set on the table. It was taken out when I was at home. When I left, I didn’t have time to pack it into the cabinet and I was there. I asked Mom, didn’t you let me collect it? Mom said, your dad doesn’t let it move, let it still be there, feel that when you go home, you can drink your tea, and he will wipe the tea set every day.

  The greatest parents are not willing to raise their children for the rest of their lives, but are willing to let them fly for the happiness of their children, and they are willing to run the nest for that child for the rest of their lives.

  They always carry their mobile phones with them, they are not inseparable from mobile phones, they are inseparable from us.

  Netizen low and low waist pants: Mom and Dad don’t even remember Pinyin. The mobile phone is handwritten with my old mobile phone. Usually they don’t have a few calls a month. But after I left home, they both took the phone with them wherever they went, and I was afraid to miss the call I called them.

  If the netizen is early in the morning, my mom called and said, “Your dad said that he missed you at 10:30 last night. I have to call you. I told him that you slept, and he promised today. In the morning, there are hundreds of millions of mobile phone users in China who are inseparable from their children and their parents who are mourning their children.

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  My parents are old. Dad is no longer the young guy who put us on the shoulders, and my mother is no longer the young woman who is doing a good job. Old, it is a sad thing, but in order not to bother us, they always say that everything is ok, they always say the first time on the phone: “How are you, baby, everything is good at home. Don’t worry.” Actually, you don’t know. Without you at home, they are not easy to live… Suddenly, there are no young people who can send them to the hospital. The most sad dog in the world: The father is sick. In the night, only my mother accompanied him to go to the county to see a doctor, the condition is very serious. I feel inexplicable sorrow, saying that raising children is anti-aging, but I am in the distance like me. When they need me to greet them on the phone, what else can they do? My father likes to drink alcohol. Everyone has been worried about this problem for a long time, but because he has no abnormal body, he has no objection. This time he finally showed it. Wine, the natural enemies of the liver, if found late, do not know what more terrible consequences. I still laughed at the phone and said nothing to me. I really have the urge to hit the wall.

  Please insist on taking your parents for a physical examination every year.

  I bought a big bag of rice, and the two old people dragged them for an hour before they dragged home.

  Net-friendly bugs: My dad wanted a son when he was young. He said that when he was old, there was a strong man at home who helped him with rice and gas. He was born to me. A son, but when the son grows up, he will never return to the small town. This year, my father is more than fifty. I used to hold me with one hand. He can still slap more than 100 kilograms in one hand. Every time he goes to buy rice, he has to call his mother. The two old people will take 40 kilograms of rice to take home. Every time I think about this, I really want to go back to them.

  Remember to buy good rice for my parents when I go home, charge the electricity, and then continue to charge the Internet.

  My parents are old and start to move slowly and unresponsively.

  User jackone32123: The father in the impression has always been a master, and everything is hard to beat dad. Later, I went to school in the field. Until one day, when I was chatting online, I was taught to use gtalk and gmail. I told him again. He didn’t understand. I told him again. He didn’t understand too much. I made up. One sentence, “I am dying, I can’t say a word for a long time…”, then I saw the prompt that was being entered on the screen stopped. After a long time, the screen came up with a “son, don’t worry, my father is old.” The reaction is not coming.” At that time, the tears ran, I can’t wait to smoke my own two ear scrapers.

  Slow down the action, wait for them, ask about the warmth and cold, just like when we were young, they were like us.

  It is very hard for one person to work hard outside, and that is what he chooses. Just, if you are tired, go home, and your parents will always be happy to add more bowls to you.