An episode that should not be ignored

  An ordinary worker dares to give a gift to the Prime Minister in public. This is really a news. The prime minister mentioned here is Russia’s famous Putin. On September 14, 2009, Putin visited Tula, south of Moscow, and visited a local arsenal. During Lei Jing’s speech, a metalworking worker named Victor suddenly asked: “Mr. Prime Minister, are you giving me any gifts to commemorate?” This sudden question from Laos can be given to Putin. No small problem,

  At that time, Putin looked a little overwhelmed and made a gesture indicating that he was not prepared, but he immediately asked the worker what he wanted, “maybe your watch.” The worker replied. After a brief pause, he picked up his watch and gave it to the worker. The person present at the time said that this request surprised Putin, but it was really impossible to refuse. It is reported that. The record of the visit on the Russian government website ignored this “small episode”. Although such a “small episode” government website can be ignored, but the reporters interviewed on the spot will not ignore, because neglect is dereliction of duty,

  It is understood that this watch is full of famous Skopes watch, the price is about 5,500 pounds (about RMB 61,800), almost equivalent to the income of ordinary Russians for one year. The worker named Victor, who bravely expressed his wish, put this valuable watch on his wrist. Perhaps, in addition to thanking Putin for his generosity, he should also thank himself for his courage. In any case, when the public is looking for a gift from the Prime Minister, this is… a thing that requires courage. The average person, most of them have a very secret “psychological defect” – afraid of the big man, seeing the big man will be at a loss, screaming, and even tremble.

  What’s more, in the eyes of Western politicians, Putin is also a particularly difficult iron man. This guy is not only hard on his muscles, but also a political heart hidden deep in his stomach. For such a politically tough guy, you have a good time to bear it, and dare to reach out and ask for something? But this question went to Victor, but he has another opinion. He believes that the iron fist of the national leader is used to deal with foreigners. For his own family, his wrists are harder and can’t be made. Especially in the face of an ordinary worker, he has to collect all the hard and iron from his body, and release all the goodwill, warmth and love from his body. In the face of the people in his own country, he is hard and full of vigor, then he still wants the people to support him and love him? In particular, he wants the people to vote for him again. It can be said that without these ideas in the heart of Victor, his courage, even if it can be produced in the subconscious, is impossible to pass the revealing test and be released to let it out.

  As Victor’s judgment, although Putin was reacted by his “sudden attack” for a while, and even a little overwhelmed, he had to meet Victor’s request as long as he reacted. Putin is stupid (not to mention he is not stupid), and he will understand the truth. If he let Victor’s wish fall through, it will be embarrassing. Disappointing purchase will not be just Victor. And when the watch is given to Victor, then he pleases, and the pleasing will not be just Victor. Although the watch is worth more than a pound of pounds, it is compared with its own image of the people, compared with the attitude of treating the people. It is really even the price of radish or cabbage is not worth it.

  In this matter, what Putin lost is just a watch. He gets more valuable people than the priceless treasure! Perhaps he will also come to the conclusion that it is gratifying and his own national progress. , Russia, hope! An important sign of national progress is that they are no longer afraid of big men.

  That Victor, in addition to getting a watch worn by the Prime Minister, also passed this “quiet quiz” to test out the leader of his country, which is really more open and lovely than the original. Perhaps, he will also come to a conclusion: as long as the votes in the hands of the nationals really work, those big men, there is nothing to fear!