American elite online competition quotation

  Harvard University, baby. After that, your annual salary will not be less than $200,000! Don’t trust the media! We are not the favorite school to reject people! The most unloving thing is MIT! Don’t apply for MIT! Apply for us here! Trust me! Even if we only accept 9% of the more than 20,000 applicants, apply for it! At the top of the mailbox, there is a thin sheet of paper to reject the letter. come on! Let more applicants come! This way our acceptance rate can fall below 1%!

  Princeton: Please make sure that at least one of the application papers shows a high arrogance, then you will be steady! You know, our school is still older than the United States of America, and is still the number one boss!

  West Point Military Academy: Going to college, not bad money.

  Yale University: Come here, you can pursue William Taft (27th President of the United States), Bush (41st President of the United States), Clinton (42nd President of the United States), and Bush (43rd of the United States) At the pace of the president, we will tell you how to govern or destroy a country.

  Stanford University: Which green onion is Harvard? California is our site. You are dispensable for us, but you can apply for it anyway, in case you win the prize.

  Caltech: At three o’clock in the morning, instead of lying on top of each other, you are working tirelessly to physics experiments. Do you feel more meaningful in this life? If you want to throw the pumpkin filled with nitroglycerin from the six-story floor to vent your anger, come to Caltech!

  MIT: We are a group of weirdos, and our campus buildings and dormitories can be used as evidence. You should try to apply for us because you definitely want to know what reason we are using to reject you.

  Dartmouth University: Are we in New Hampshire or in Victoria? Forget it, don’t bite the word, we are in the land of barbarism. I don’t even understand why we became a member of the Ivy League. We must know that such a cold and windy place is probably not growing out of Ivy. But in any case, we are famous. If you like skiing and partying, come on!

  Columbia University: We are the most awkward place in New York City, but our admission rate is only 10%. Fortunately, we were rejected by you. You can also go to New York University. The people there are rejected by us.

  University of Chicago: Our Gothic campus is cool. As long as you are a weirdo, and can write a lot of strange articles, it is none of you, because our application requirements are countless grotesque essays!

  Brown University: Yes, the super-free academic atmosphere is why we name the school by color. If you love the geek, then you can come to the right place. WriglevField (Chicago Ballpark) is more “Ivy” than us, but it doesn’t matter. Remember, we believe in freedom!

  University of Washington: People who are rejected by Ivy League come here! Although the reputation is not as good as Ivy, our other aspects are not inferior! Goats and poker are just around the corner, come on, wild life!

  Northwestern University: We are adjacent to Lake Michigan. You can even take a bike to the city centre of Chicago. But if you do this, you will probably be frozen to death.