A bad thing

  One day, I spent the night in an abandoned car. The car has no motor, steering wheel and wheels, no locks, so it must be an abandoned car.

  Why should I elaborate on these in detail? Because of a traffic accident. At night I saw an imported car flying on the road, a Cherokee jeep. The broken car that I used to live in was not moved. It was parked in a drainage ditch 100 meters away from the road. The jeep was running on the road. There were guardrails on both sides of the road. It should never catch up with me… The driver drank too much, so he went after the end.

  This is the whole process of this traffic accident. They didn’t have anything in their jeep, but my broken car was knocked out beyond recognition.

  The people in the car climbed out. They have a total of 4 people, each one is taller and stronger than me. The driver is the most awake. They got out of the car and yelled at me: “What happened to you? You are this dog!”

  I apologize to them. But they still don’t care: “Look… look at the good things you did! You never have… no place to park? Lose us for $4,000!”

  I said, “I don’t.”

  ”This…this we don’t care. You…you sold the villa.”

  ”I do not have.”

  ”The apartment was sold.”


  ”Then we are… with your children!”

  ”I do not have kids.”

  ”We want you… your wife!”

  ”I do not have either.”

  As soon as they heard it, they immediately went back to discuss countermeasures. One guy said, “If we kill him, we can’t get anything. So we are too faceless. We can’t do anything to lose face.”

  Another guy said, “Listen to me. Let’s buy him a villa, an apartment, a car, and give him some money. Then let him drive and hit them. When he hits us, let’s put Everything has to come back, and finally kill him. So we will not lose face.”

  Then, the guy who looked most like an intellectual opened his mouth: “Man, you have no choice. We have negotiated. Three days later we will get you money, cars, three-bedroom apartments and villas.” ”

  We finally decided that at 3 o’clock on the 4th day, I drove to catch up with them in this place, both to hit their car and not to hit too heavy.

  I took a shower, shaved my face, and changed my clothes. Because they have promised to bury me, and they are buried in a famous cemetery in the city. At 3 o’clock, I arrived as scheduled. But just before I caught up with them, they first caught up with a Mercedes. Their car was hit and flew…

  Now I have a villa, an apartment, a car, and money… throw it, I can’t bear it. But whoever wants to kill me is really worth it.

  You see, I have encountered such a bad thing.