60-year-old “New Movie Box Queen”

  Although the appearance is not outstanding, but the acting is wonderful! Although it is no longer the age of youthful Miaoman, but still sit at the top actress club in Hollywood. It is said that Meryl Streep is the “encyclopedia of women in the 20th century” because the role she played is already a microcosm of the status of women. As Oscar’s pace approaches, who can say that the old play bones that already have two small gold people will not usher in another spring of career?

  She is not young, nor is she a newcomer. In the past, no one has ever compared the “Queen of the Box Office” with her. However, at the age of 60, Meryl Streep seems to usher in the second spring of her career.

  She has sold more than 100 million in the box office in 2009, and she won the AFI Lifetime Achievement Award for her child abuse. This year’s Golden Globe Awards gave her two nominations for the best comedy/music heroine because they couldn’t cut any of them.

  15 Oscar nominations, 2 small gold people; 24 golden ball nominations, 6 awards; 3 Amy nominations, 2 awards… For Streep, the countless numbers surrounded by her have become the next generation “Streep barrier” that cannot be achieved. Some people speculate that this year’s Oscar nomination will not be missing her, but she smiled softly: “I always think that I have to respond to this question well. I have the most nominations? Yes, but I lost 13 times.”

  It’s a joke, and it’s invisible to gently smash the problem. This is the realm of an old play bone, stretched and calm, but without losing the Queen’s spirit.

  60-year-old romantic love heroine

  ”It’s unbelievable, I am 60 years old, and I am the protagonist in romantic romantic comedy!”

  This year’s “Vanity Fair” magazine in January gave the cover version to the 60-year-old queen, who gave her a title “New Movie Box Queen.”

  This title is not fabricated casually. In fact, Streep, who was nicknamed “Meigu” by fans, has been in recent years. In 2005, the “Devil in Prada” global box office was $324 million, and in 2008, “Mom.” Mi! The global box office was $601 million, and the 2009 global box office of Julie and Julia also exceeded $120 million. The “Great Fox Daddy” she and George Clooney sounded was selected by Stephen King as one of the top ten films of 2009.

  In Hollywood, after the age of 40, the career of the actress is equal to half. Streep smiled and said: “It’s unbelievable. I am 60 years old, and I am the protagonist in romantic romantic comedy!”

  The romantic comedy she said was the “Love is complicated” released last Christmas. In this movie, she plays a pair of “couples” who have been divorced for 10 years with Alec Baldwin, who is also an old man. Their relationship has been good for many years, but when they have their own new After the other half, things have changed subtly. Streep fell in love with the architect of the renovated kitchen, Steve Martin, while Alec Baldwin had a relationship with a young beauty. But Streep and Alec later discovered that the feelings of each other did not seem to have completely dissipated, so they fell into the dilemma of “love is very complicated.” In this movie, Streep also contributed a little bed, which adds some gimmicks to “Love is very complicated.”

  With Streep’s joining, plus Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin will jointly host the Oscar ceremony, so far, the film’s cumulative North American box office has been 59.11 million US dollars, the global box office will also exceed 100 million US dollars.

  In fact, don’t say that this year or in 2009, the “Clarence Couple” she shot in 1979 was the national box office champion of the year, not to mention the “out of Africa” ​​in the 1980s or the 1990s. “The Bridges of Madison County”, they are also box office blockbusters.

  However, these box office miracles were created by a 60-year-old “old woman” who was recently declared “professional death penalty”. It is really stunned. “She broke the glass ceiling of the female star in the past, which has never happened, never happened.” “Graduate” director Mike Nichols said.

  Meryl Streep once complained that the film company paid fares to actresses far less than the actors. Of course, this is still the case. According to Forbes magazine, from June 2008 to June 2009, Hollywood top ten actor received more than twice the pay of the top ten actresses. Streep ranks third among actresses with $24 million in revenue, slightly behind 34-year-old Angelina Jolie and 40-year-old Jennifer Aniston.

  Although Streep’s success does not guarantee the future of other actresses, it is no doubt that she has taken a big step for this group.

  From girl to queen

  ”I can’t help but respect her. She is not fighting for her own role, but for her own role, and not winning, never give up!”

  But who ever thought that such a queen has also been low? That was still when she was 14 years old.

  On June 22, 1949, Meryl Streep was born in a small town called Summit in New Jersey, USA. At that time, Streep, who was still a child, showed a very strong desire for expression everywhere. She was very popular and very overbearing. She liked to give orders among the children. The only problem is that she doesn’t look good.

  She once described her appearance like this: “Most women are thousands of times more beautiful than me. My nose is too big and my mouth is too wide. Not to mention my face is egg-shaped, with a black hair, I think The whole is almost like a dead fish. She is full of inferiority to her appearance. She is afraid to give orders again. Without a good appearance, the children will not like her: “When I was young, I didn’t have any confidence in my appearance, I often felt myself. I was ignored by others. Streep said, “So I started to question things and eager to prove to others: I don’t look like that.” I am a completely different woman. “So after entering high school, she completely changed her image, took off the braces and glasses, and turned the hair into golden yellow by chemical methods and lemon juice. Participated in various clubs and entertainment activities and began to receive the attention of the boy.

  It was not until she entered Yale that she found her stupidity. She once said: “The university period is the most important period in which my mind, thoughts, and imagination change. Our appearance is not important. What really matters is our thoughts, the issues we debate, what we have learned, and what we have learned. The new knowledge we found, and the topic of talking and laughing, these things made me feel that I became a real person, not a simple woman, or a child. I discovered the good quality of my character, that is, at the university. In such a circle of friends, I learned to be confident, no longer need others to appreciate cheaply or compete with others meaninglessly.” This strong and unique personality is undoubtedly the keynote for her career.

  In 1977, Streep first appeared on the screen, but played a small role in the film “Julia”, but her great potential was immediately seen by the director. In the second year, she was shown in the film “Deer Hunter”, which reflected the Vietnam War, and played a war-torn woman.

  At that time, Hollywood was definitely a male world, not to mention a little girl who was first involved in the screen. To challenge the authority of men, I can’t, but Streep is afraid. Like the female characters she has been performing, she has never been a woman who would fear masculinity, just like her childhood rhetoric, “I am A completely different woman.”

  In 1979, she and Dustin Hoffman co-starred in “The Kramers”. At that time, Hoffman had already become famous because of “Graduate”, and Streep had only one Oscar best. Supporting actress nomination.

  Before the filming, the adaptation of the Kramers was included in Hoffman’s contract, but Streep often changed his lines for perfect dramatic effects, which made Hoffman angry. On one occasion, Hoffman was so angry that he couldn’t control himself. He grabbed a cup and went to Streep. The cup broke on the wall above her head, but she did not move at all. Before shooting, she had to spend a lot of time picking out the glass dice from her hair.

  This move won Hoffman’s respect, and he had to sigh: “Sometimes I hate her jokes, but I can’t help her. She is not fighting for her own role, but not for her own role. Win, never give up!” This insistence for Streep brought the first little golden man – the best supporting actress.

  In the movie circle where men are in the way, Streep can only fight on his own, and she really dares to fight. She studied Polish for Sophie’s Choice; studied the violin for two months for Strings, and played a 6-hour violin every day, eventually pulling out Bach’s song; she was in Wild In the river, she played a wife who drove her family to save her marriage. In the filming, she insisted on not having to substitute. One time, when she drove straight down from the raging river with a rubber raft, she was suddenly caught by the waves. A whirlpool… Although it was fortunate that the film crew was agile, she took her from the whirlpool of urgency, but Meryl was still very excited about completing this series of difficult moves without having to substitute herself.

  For her, even the most difficult shots are insignificant compared to the hardships of being a mother. “It’s a vacation compared to staying at home with 4 children,” she said with a smile.

  At that time, she was already 45 years old.

  Tight stretch

  ”That is a kind of relaxation, I prefer to describe it as happy.”

  After 15 years, she is still active in the film, but there is no doubt more calm and calm. In the “Night Interview with Meryl Streep” at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto last October, film critic Johanna Schneller thinks she saw “new” in Streep’s recent work. “Things,” Johanna said, that is “a kind of relaxation, I prefer to describe it as happy.”

  Perhaps, when she was young, she was tight in order to win her own place in the male world. But at the age of 60, she found her inner peace. She laughed at the reporter of Vanity Fair and said, “I am very grateful that I am still alive. I have many friends who are sick or have left, but I am still here. Are you kidding? What advice can I have?! ”

  In fact, very early in the morning, she has begun to slowly cultivate her own state of mind. There is a famous piece about her appearance. Streep had auditioned for the “King Kong” remake of Dino De Laurentis in 1976 (the final character was won by Jessica Lange). Streep’s appearance failed to impress the filmmaker. He said to his son in disdain in Italian: “Why are you giving me this pig? This woman is so ugly! Disgusting!” Everyone thought she didn’t understand him. What he said, Sterp replied in fluent Italian: “I am sorry, I am disappointed.”

  This kind of insult is painful. When you are young, it may be an annoying episode. But maturity and experience make Streep no longer willing to spend energy and time to pay attention to these small things. “So many young girls, when I was young, I was often troubled by some small problems, such as worrying that I was not attractive enough to attract people. After a long time, I felt so tired. Moreover,” she is naughty Said, “I am not pretty enough.”

  Streep slowly recovered her pace in Hollywood, where she was a true-looking dog. She was definitely a hermit in the entertainment industry, rarely interviewed, and almost did not participate in any social party in Hollywood. In her spare time, she likes to live in a warm home with four children and her husband who has been married for more than 30 years. Director Nichols said: “I think she is very happy. It is very difficult to raise four children, but they are now growing up, and although they are still dependent on each other, you can feel her relaxation.”

  She once told reporters that I don’t know, but I feel uncomfortable in the Hollywood circle. I don’t know why, maybe because I am a girl from a middle-class family in New Jersey. I don’t like gatherings, I don’t like glory. I just don’t like it, it has been integrated into my bones. I can play such a woman who loves glitz, can dress up like that, can play, can go to the party that needs me to fill the facade, but this is not what I like. ”

  She accepts all changes in her body, including slacks, including wrinkles, and she refuses cosmetic surgery or injections of Botox. “Vanity Fair” magazine photographer Laconb said: “If you start to inject Botox, it is very difficult not to continue the injection, you have to understand, whether your work is wonderful is not whether you look good. Want to try to stop Time, stay young, this idea is ridiculous. For me, Streep is the most real.”

  So, how did she let herself relax? “I don’t think anyone can tell you what secrets,” Streep said. “There are not many days in front of you. You start to really want to be yourself, and you don’t have to please anyone. Of course, I don’t know me. Do you let others feel comfortable when you are a girl, haha.”

  Although he is still growing, Streep is still beautiful, which may be a stretch of mind. As Johanna said, she can see “new things” in her work. Perhaps this can explain why in recent years, Streep has mostly taken light comedies.

  She is an encyclopedia of women in the 20th century.

  “I hope I can figure out a way to take advantage of this. I hope that the studio owners will be more interested in filming female-themed movies.”

  Some of the light comedies she has taken in recent years, such as “The Devil Wears Prada”, “Mama Mia!” and “Julie and Julia” fill many gaps in women’s movies, but Streep thinks this is far Not enough, this is the only area she doesn’t want to be too relaxed. Oh, forgot to explain, she is an absolute feminist.

  In fact, although Hollywood has made great strides in gender equality over the past, Streep cited an example. In 2009, he won three of the best Oscar nominations for the film – Dialogue Nixon and Mill. Ke and Slumdog Millionaire – there are 26 major male characters and only one major female character. In this regard, she is somewhat indignant: “We are completely accepting this situation because there is nothing abnormal about it. But if there are 26 major female characters and only one major male character, this will be very, very, It’s very unacceptable.” In her view, before the Second World War, Hollywood movies were full of shadows of tough women played by Barbara Steinwick, Hepburn and Joan Crawford, who could dominate the screen. That is because in real life, women are not so strong, and they are not a threat to men. Those women on the screen do not exist in life. After the end of World War II, when women started working and liked to work, there were sudden sexy women like Marilyn Monroe on the screen. They were very weak. Because in real life, more and more women are beginning to appear. The male dominated Hollywood naturally does not want to reflect such a trend on the screen.

  Coincidentally, she is a powerful figure in the actresses Miranda and Aloisius, who played the role of “The Devil in Prada” and “The Child Abuse”. Isn’t this going to make the Hollywood studios with patriarchal supremacy scared? Costripe said helplessly: “I think this is a special case. Generally speaking, it is very difficult for a man to understand and understand a woman’s thoughts through a female character. Because men simply don’t want to do that. But in In “The Devil Wears Prada”, many men like my character very much because they think: It is me! They found resonance through my role.”

  This is the sad part of the female filmmaker. Even though Streep has become a new cash cow, she still can’t choose her own character: “I really have no choice, I don’t produce my own movie. So, I It’s a bit like a girl who is dancing in name. I never look for a script, I don’t buy a book, I don’t like a producer, I just wait. If there are more choices now, it’s just because there are more women starting to participate. Making a decision.”

  Many people have recently speculated that Streep can no longer receive this year’s Academy Award nomination. Because of her, Hollywood has begun to notice the lack of female characters. “It’s really lacking,” Streep said. “There are very few female-themed works. There are huge institutions operating the movie market, which forces theater owners to promise to buy movie rights six months ago. You said that they would buy “Special Forces” or “Mama Mia!”?”

  Although “Mama Mia! “The box office sells big, but Streep is not very optimistic: “They will still take a wait-and-see attitude. These films are good and the audience likes it, but the box office in the first week is usually not very popular. This is a part of the film industry. Even if there is a good female script, this movie rarely enters the mainstream market. She said: “My actors and friends often lament the lack of funds. People are very worried about investment mistakes, which has led to the loss of female films.”

  It is not a day’s work to change this situation. Just as she is still a “new box office queen” under the 60-year-old “old age”, this may be enough to make Hollywood, a club run by the old boy, ponder. Regarding his own appeal at the box office, Streep smiled and said: “I hope I can figure out a way to take advantage of this. I think this is a coincidence. Of course, there are more women in film production and film financing. Participation in decision-making is also a reason. I hope that the studio owners will be more interested in filming female-themed movies.”

  Perhaps this is why she still insists on filming? As many people describe her: she is an encyclopedia of women in the 20th century. The role she played is a microcosm of the status of women.

  In this sense, who can say that she is not a queen?