10 questions to look at yourself

  1, what else do I have?

  Unfortunate people always complain that they have nothing. When you are working, you are eager to be free; when you are doing nothing, you are looking forward to being full and busy. I am sure that what is the best, but sometimes it is counterproductive, so I will be distressed by what I have not possessed. A happy person is no more happy than others, but he understands that he has what he wants most.

  2, is it necessary to remedy?

  What is the use of the heavy burden of the past? Don’t go back to the things of remorse, don’t let the regrets occupy the heart. When trying to remedy a fault, it may be that the object is wrong and the time is no longer. Instead of asking yourself, is it really unsolvable or missing? If it is not, then save the experience that is worth learning, and let the rest become the past one minute and one second, and slowly forget it. Believe that time can dilute everything.

  3, I am proud of what

  In the journey of life, the worst situation is not poverty, nor bad luck, but a complete denial of self after setbacks. In any environment, you must strengthen your ability, do not let suspicion engulf the soul, let life hate in the ruined time. Believe that you have a bright spot worthy of admiration, maybe you have a group of fans.

  4, I am grateful for what

  When a person does not face life with gratitude, but focuses on self-sufficiency, he will complain “Why am I so good to others, and…” Forever forget about yourself and others, always remember others With your own help, you will feel that you are already very lucky. What else is worth complaining about?

  5. Who should I hug?

  Being loved is a kind of happiness, but sometimes it is a luxury that cannot be demanded. Since you can’t be demanded to be loved, why not try to love others? Not necessarily a wife, a husband, not necessarily a child, a parent, not necessarily a familiar person. Gifts of roses, hand a fragrance. In the life that is accustomed to love, too much sediment in the long river of life will quietly pass away.

  6. How can I get back to life?

  The human body is like a machine, and the loss is going to fuel. Let go of your work and do something positive to keep yourself energized. For example, go to the gym to sweat, or contact a long-lost friend and say something encouraging. It is also an effective way to set aside time to play with your children, or to go to the suburbs to go green and wild. Some methods are actually simpler, and changing socks during work can make people feel relaxed.

  7, what is the change angle?

  It is easy for a person to be someone else’s suggester because they look at each other differently. Since the facts can’t be changed, change the way to see it. When you are upset and hard to extricate yourself, you may want to find someone to communicate with you. If you look at the problem from another angle, the distressed thing may be solved.

  8. Is life still going to be chaotic?

  Black and white upside down, endless entertainment, excessive alcohol and tobacco, these are undoubtedly the most cruel consumption of the body, the worst damage to the mood. How can a messy life bring happiness? Happiness is not only about eating, drinking, and playing, but the wealth that is pursued does not naturally transform into happiness. It is better to learn from ordinary people today to organize everything in an orderly and orderly manner. A healthy mindset will naturally bring happiness.

  9. What is my ideal?

  Is all the ideal to make money? All my dreams are the meaningless wealth list? Money is only a means of seeking happiness, and it can make sense to transform into a happy wealth. Try to set some goals and ideals for yourself. The longer you are, the more you can bring happiness to yourself. Ideals give you a clear idea of ​​why you live.

  10. Why can’t you vent?

  If the above problems are still not bringing happiness to yourself, why bother to put all the unhappiness in your heart? Since emotion is an indispensable aspect of a healthy mind, if you can’t make room for happiness, you will make room for sorrow. It is also unavoidable to release the impulsive emotions – as long as it does not affect the lives of others, as long as you don’t bring yourself After the sequelae.