Why is the temperature in Chicago lower than that in Antarctica?

The government urged Chicago residents to stay at home and not breathe deeply when outdoors. Extreme conditions have killed 8 people and the situation is very serious. A state of emergency has been declared.

Why on earth has Windy City become so cold and the temperature is lower than Antarctica?

Chicago is not the only city with such a low temperature. Minnesota’s temperature is also very similar. It is said that its temperature is close to the lowest in history.

The lethal depth freeze is caused by the natural occurrence of polar vortex, the area of low pressure under the North Pole.

The polar vortex is 50 kilometers from the ground. Chicago is one of the cities in the center of this extreme cold snap. On the 30th, the highest temperature in Chicago did not exceed minus 15 degrees, and the lowest temperature reached minus 26 degrees, close to the lowest temperature in the city’s history and even colder than the Antarctic. At Amundsen – Scott South Pole Station, the lowest temperature measured that day was minus 8 degrees. Meteorologists have described it as the coldest weather in Chicago for a whole generation.

North America is colder than most parts of Antarctica. The only colder place in Antarctica is Vostok, where the temperature reached -38C this month.

Brian Hurley, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service, said: ” If you live in the Arctic Circle, you will say it is normal.”

Snowstorms are expected in parts of the western Ohio River Valley, with snow falling to New England on Wednesday in the Great Lakes region.

Subway trains, the city’s railway operators, set fire to burning tracks to fry ice to ensure traffic safety. The flame came from a gas heater running along the track.

The meteorological department warned that those in contact would ” freeze to death within a few minutes.” As the wind chill drops to – 50 degrees Celsius, the surface of human skin freezes in a few minutes, causing frostbite. This extremely cold weather is hard to encounter for decades, and people will suffer frostbite if their skin is exposed outdoors for five minutes, reminding them to minimize travel.

It is reported that the city people stole people’s coats to keep warm, it was too cold.

Canada goose down jacket seems to be a popular choice for looters.

It is reported that a chartered bus in Illinois broke down inside its engine after the fuel turned to gel.