Where are the eleven dimensions of the universe?

What kind of space is the universe? Or is it a kind of mentality, everyone may be a little strange, just like a very small object, if in our hands, we can clearly describe the form of this object, but if this object is infinitely enlarged, it has already exceeded our vision, it is difficult for us to find the original form of this object, and so is the universe, only when we are infinite, can we find out what the real universe is like!

Take our earth for example, the world we see is a three-dimensional space, that is, a cube, but in fact, there may still be many dimensions in our space, but it is very difficult for human beings to find these dimensions at present. Just like we live under the same sky with ants, but in the eyes of ants, we can only see a two-dimensional space forever, and the three-dimensional space we see is only a little higher than ants. The increase of general dimensions means that human beings can enter another world, such as time!

Time has been going on and on, but if we enter the dimension of time, we may be able to pass through time easily. Time will not be irreversible for human beings, but it is only called four-dimensional space by scientists. According to what scientists have discovered at present, the highest dimension in the universe has reached eleven dimensions. So what exactly does 11Widow look like? Where is the entrance to the 11th dimension?

Scientists said, in fact, it is because the 11th dimension may have been around us all the time, and human beings pass through it every day, but they do not know that they have entered the 11th dimension, which is the dream that people have in their deep sleep at night. This dream may be the entrance of the 11th dimension, but it is not the entrance that human beings can enter if they want to enter the 11th dimension. The key point is that the 11th dimension seems to be only human beings can enter. At present, scientists have been looking for ways to enter multiple dimensions, but the difficulty is extremely high. If human beings do not enter other dimensions at night, they should not feel so tired after waking up, just like doing many things at night. Is it possible for any of you?