There is no second road to success except hard work.

Are you engaged in a job you don’t like and can’t get involved? Have you been trying hard to find your way to success, but not to the purpose?

In the following article, management guru kazuo inamori tells us from his own personal experience that only changing his mind, falling in love with his work and working hard for it is the only choice leading to success.

Change ” state of mind”

I used to be like young people everywhere, with varied interests and not good at concentrating on one thing. So, why can a person like me concentrate on his work in such a long period of 50 years? That’s because I have made great efforts and I like my job. As long as the ” mentality” is changed, dramatic changes will take place in the world around everyone.

At first I was not interested in the research of new ceramics. When I was in college, I specialized in the hottest organic chemistry at that time, but the company I wanted to go to refused to employ me, so I had to work in Songfeng Industry. This is an enterprise that produces insulating porcelain vases and belongs to the field of inorganic chemistry. Research on new ceramics is also a distributed and necessary task.

When I first entered the company, there were only five or six people in my research office. Except me, other researchers were engaged in the improvement of insulating porcelain insulator materials, because at that time, that was the core product of the enterprise.

I was the only one appointed to study new ceramic materials ( later I named it new ceramic ) on the grounds that ” high frequency insulating materials will definitely be needed in the electronic field in the future”.

At that time, this field was still an unknown world, lacking reliable research data. In addition, the company is very poor, there is no decent experimental equipment, and there is no boss or senior to guide my work. In such an environment, it is really not easy to ” love your work”.

However, my resignation and change of career did not succeed, so I had to stay here. Therefore, I decided to change my ” mentality”. ” immerse yourself in your work!” I tried to convince myself.

Even if you can’t love your job soon, at least the negative emotion of ” aversion to work” must be removed from your mind. I have decided to devote all my efforts to the task ahead.

Now it seems that this is the effort to ” like work”, but I did not have a clear understanding of this at that time.

Since I hardly have the basic knowledge related to new ceramics, I went to the university library to look for relevant documents at first. At that time, there was no photocopier. I looked through past trade journals and academic documents and found important contents and immediately copied them on my notebook.

At the same time, although I am short of money, I still insist on buying books for research. I also asked for papers from the American Ceramic Association. At that time, the dictionary was always on hand and translated while reading. In short, everything starts with acquiring the most basic knowledge.

Then, I began to do experiments based on the information obtained from this kind of data, and according to the experimental results, I went to seek new theoretical explanations, and then did experiments – this meticulous and steady process was my work at that time.

In this process, I do not know from when, I was deeply attracted by the charm of the new ceramic, and gradually understand that there may be an incredible and beautiful prospect hidden in the new ceramic.

” I’m afraid there won’t be any such research in universities, or maybe I’m the only one studying in the world.” Such a thought, boring research also seems to shine.

At first, half of them forced themselves, but they soon became active and liked the study. Later, I went beyond whether I like it or not and felt the great significance of this work.

” bounden duty” is not an accident, but made by oneself.

” Obsession” with Work

Lovers who are in love take things that others seem stunned with equanimity. This point can be understood by people who have had love experience. Although I was devoted to my work when I was young, I never neglected such feelings.

Before the creation of kyocera, after busy work, on sundays, I sometimes invited girls who were close to me to go to the movies and took her home after watching them. Originally, the tram could go directly, but on several occasions I deliberately suggested getting off at the previous stop, chatting while walking, and slowly walking a long way before taking her home.

In fact, I work very late every day and I should be very tired. However, I am not tired at all after such a long walk, and I am also very happy and energetic.

The words ” lovers meet, thousands of miles change a mile” truly expressed my mood at that time. The same is true for work, which should be infatuated with, love and embrace.
In the eyes of others, ” it is terrible to work so hard and so hard! I can’t stand it. I can’t stand it. ” But if you are infatuated with this job and love this job, then you can bear it, and everything is out of the question.

Just because I am infatuated with work and love work, I can stick to hard work for a long time and stick to it without complaint or regret. This is what people do. They can endure whatever they like, no matter how hard they work.

But as long as you endure hardship and unremitting efforts, anything can be successful. I like my job – this one alone can determine one’s life. I think I can’t say it too much.

To have a full life, you have only two choices: one is to ” do what you like” and the other is to ” let yourself like work”.

The probability that a person can meet with a job he likes is probably less than ” one in a thousand” and ” one in ten thousand”. Moreover, even if you enter the company you expect, you will have little chance of being lucky to be able to be assigned to the position and work you expect.

Most people are new to their jobs and can only start with ” jobs they don’t like.” However, the problem is that most people hold a passive attitude of reluctantly accepting and having to quit such ” jobs they don’t like”, so they are always dissatisfied with the jobs assigned to them, always full of strange words and grumbles.

At this rate, the life with unlimited potential and bright future will only be wasted.

In any case, you must like your job. It is very important to take ” assigned work” as one’s bounden duty. If you still refuse to abandon the inappropriate consciousness that ” work is what others want me to do”, you cannot be freed from the ” misery” of work.

Instead of looking for a job that you like, you might as well like the existing job first, keep your feet on the ground and start from the front. Looking for a job you like is often like looking for a castle in the air. It is better to fall in love with the present job than to pursue fantasy.

As long as you like it, you can spare no effort, do not regard difficulties as difficulties, and work hard. As long as you concentrate on your work, you will naturally gain strength. With strength, we are sure to achieve results. With the results, we can get everyone’s praise. If you get favorable comments, you will enjoy your work even more.

In this way, the virtuous circle begins. If you want to make achievements, the first thing is to use your strong will to enjoy your work. There is no other way. As long as you do this, life will be fruitful.

Hard work is also a kind of ” practice”

Falling in love with your work and working hard for it are also ” spiritual practices” in life.

Practitioners hone their souls in hard practice. Focus your mind on one point, restrain your thoughts and fantasies, and give them no room to cause trouble. Through such practice, you can sort out your mood, temper your mind and create a pure and excellent personality. Hard work, like spiritual practice, can temper one’s soul.

The six disciplines in the six boromirs are the way to enter the realm of enlightenment. Among them, ” diligence” – to work hard and hard is the easiest way to practice in our daily life and the most basic and important way to improve our mind.

In other words, in our daily life, we should do our best, diligently and perseveringly, for the things we should do well – official business, housework and study. This process itself is the practice of refining one’s personality.

For example, a carpenter master who built a shrine has devoted his whole life to a career in a field. He works hard, strives for perfection and perseveres. While improving their skills, they have also honed their personalities.

I am often fascinated by the charm of such characters. Outstanding skills needless to say, I deeply admire from the heart the firm philosophy summed up from the work experience, the thick personality formed, and even the keen insight, etc.

Hard work, not afraid of hardships, concentrated study, perseverance.

In this process of refinement, the realm they reached, the height of personality, the depth of mind, was extraordinary.

We should love our work from the heart, pay no less than anyone’s efforts, concentrate on our work, and through this road – and only through this road – we will understand the meaning and value of life, sharpen our heart, enhance our personality and understand the true meaning of life.

In addition to working hard
There is no second road to success.

This year may be a bad year, but no matter what age, no matter how bad the environment, as long as you work hard, any difficulties can be overcome. People often say that business strategy is the most important and business tactics are indispensable. But I think there is no second road to success except hard work.

In the harsh and scorching desert, there will be several rainfalls a year. Some plants germinate, grow leaves, blossom, bear fruit, and then wither while there is rain. The process of life is only a few weeks. They live tenaciously in the desert. Although their lives are short, in order to continue, they will blossom and bear fruit as long as there is a little rain, leaving the seeds on the earth’s surface for germination again when it rains next year.

I asked many people, ” Are you doing your best?” ” Yes, I am working hard.” I am not satisfied with such an answer! ” Have you put in as much effort as anyone?” If you don’t work harder and harder, you won’t have the ideal result.

When you devote yourself to your work every day, the inefficient and careless phenomenon will disappear. No matter who, as long as he likes his job, as long as he goes into a state of hard work, he will consider how to do his job better and will think about better and more effective working methods.

If you work hard and think about how to improve your work at the same time, you will be full of creativity every day. I don’t think I have much ability, but at the same time of working hard every day, I will use my head and diligently seek for better working methods.

In order to increase sales, is there any better promotion plan? In order to improve efficiency, is there a better way of production? As a result of this constant study, there will often be unexpected progress.

Kyocera can continuously develop new products and new markets, which is the result of our diligent thinking and continuous improvement.

I can tell you frankly that the most important thing I can teach you is nothing else but to ” work as hard as I can.”