The future after 100 years

In 2121, 85% of the population was in cities and towns. The cities were prosperous and the suburbs were sparsely populated.

Crop yields have decreased and transgenes have been developed.

Everything in nature is monitored quantitatively, and the green area increases under the promotion of genetic engineering.

The development of solar energy and nuclear energy has made energy cheap. Climate is artificially controlled.

The innovative middle class has become the new main force in society, and their activities are spread all over the world. Airplanes are controlled by computers, and international flights are common.

The biggest source of income for low-income people is ecological and cultural heritage tourism.

The only blue-collar jobs left in Asia and Africa have all been replaced by machines.

The Internet of Things process continues to advance. Libraries and lifelong education are all free. Everyone is online all the time. Wearable devices are widely used, and tracking and monitoring are everywhere.

Quantified self makes it possible to prescribe the right medicine. Mastering technology becomes standard.

First work: future society

Energy, resources, data and so on will all be global markets and processed locally. Things in every small place are slightly different because they are embedded with local elements. Everyone can seek help from the Internet and the community is open. The most basic elements are standardized. The whole society is a ” Lego” world.

Second work: future education

Everyone has their own desires, so differentiation will be the most important theme in the future era of technology. However, a deeper understanding of the nature of things cannot prevent wars or conflicts. ” You use complex tools to build your own system only to the detriment of end users. The more you want to hide a complex system, the more you complicate the problem. ”

The third work: reality

Virtual reality cannot be distinguished from actual reality. Good ideas are respected and their values are directly reflected just like the sovereignty of a country. All industries will be integrated, and the limit is the level of development of quantum science. Human beings explore the world with various intelligent species ( ask and answer questions ). Human beings have taken on a new meaning and their imagination has been released.