The era of making fast money is over. Young people should do these things well first.

Nowadays, too many people in the society want to find a straight road. Especially young people, after finishing college and entering the society for a few years, they want to make something of themselves, which is not the case. Many things in life are not in a straight line.

I used to be a young man too. Since the founding of New China, the society has changed a lot and many hopes have been dashed. Especially when I was in my 40s, almost all hope was gone.

When you hold great hopes, you are disappointed a lot. When you can’t see hope, hope seems to see a little bit slowly. Times have changed and young people have high expectations.

When I was young, a family of three from Kunming to Yuxi were very envious when they saw the temporary houses for road repair workers. At that time, we all thought: ” If we can live in such a house for a lifetime, we will have to live in it for a lifetime!”

01, young people can’t rush, to 20 years to see success

The knowledge and information of young people are much better now than we were then, but the characteristics of young people are still the same: think of things simply.

Once, a young man came to me from Fujian and said that he had graduated from university for six or seven years and had not succeeded in anything. He was impatient and set a high goal, thinking ” step by step this year, step by step next year, step by step climb”.

I said to him: You’ve only been working for six or seven years. I’ve been planting fruit trees for more than 10 years. What’s your hurry?

At first, I was also anxious to become a forest and make profits immediately. After planting trees for two years, I was still covered with red clay. The sales of oranges were not good in 2007. But after decades, when I was in my seventies and eighties, I became a little patient.

Reality teaches us that fruit trees can only grow so high every year, and problems such as fertilizers and water sources are unexpected, so it is urgent.

Young people are only in their 20s and 30s now, and their life course is still very long. It takes 20 years to see success. It is not necessary for everyone to make a big career.

There are many difficulties. If we do a good job, we will have greater confidence. Only in this way can we go step by step. For example, oranges, if only one kilogram can earn a penny, tens of thousands of tons can earn more. If you want to be impatient, you can’t do it.

In the past, many people seized the opportunity in the era of social changes to make a fortune, such as real estate. There are also people who rely on relatives and parents and now have great wealth. I know them too.

But now this era is over. Even by chance and parents, I don’t think he can keep it in the future.

Over the past few years, many young people in their 20s came to me and asked me, ” why can’t things always be done?” I said you want to be simple, always want to find ready – made, looking for luck, rely on big trees, there is no such simple thing. I’m 90 years old and still playing.

02, brain to live, foundation to prison, earn money to be true

In order to transform our country, we must always rely on people to solve difficult problems. If the young man can’t get the whole thing together, he wants to give it up. This is not possible. We must stick to it, do not be afraid of suffering, and use our brains more.

I can’t live without my brain. My wife said to me, if I put a piece of land in front of me, why is it better than the land on both sides?

Other people don’t care, I must study when I see it. People don’t try, methods don’t come out, only a little groping.

There are always opportunities. If you don’t pay attention, it will pass. Many people grow oranges, but it can be said today that it is rare to grow thousands of mu of oranges like this.

Some people visited my orchard once and opened 89,000 mu of new orchards on their way back. However, in my opinion, if the foundation is not well laid, they will suffer later.
Like the difficulties we met this year, we haven’t met in more than ten years. The fruit has been burnt out in the heat for more than a month. But look at our five pipelines coming from the opposite mountain. Facing the high temperature, the orchard has water to maintain. If other orchards have a poor foundation, the losses will be great.

And we can still keep the same output as last year because the agricultural foundation has been consolidated. This is also the most difficult for young people to understand.

When a person is young, he must first learn to bear hardships and earn real money before he can hold on. Just like in agriculture, if your quality is not good, after a cycle, 10 yuan’s assets will become 8 yuan.

03. Once the rules are clear, the way will come out.

From an early age, I knew that I would always do better than others, because I am serious, responsible and full of confidence. It is also roasted wine. I can usually produce one kilo of wine for two and a half kilos of corn.

After the Spring Festival, the weather is warm. Sometimes two catties of corn will produce one catty of wine. How can anyone else have to spend three catties of corn? Fermentation is the most important process in the process of baking wine, and the temperature during fermentation should be 37 ~ 38 degrees celsius. After the corn is steamed, sprinkle the distiller’s yeast into the corn and put it into the fermentation tank.

As long as the temperature in the box is enough, once the temperature is raised, more wine will be produced. This truth was also slowly worked out by me. At the beginning of the baking, the adults didn’t say much, just let me close the door when I ferment. When I asked them why, they only replied that I was ” afraid of the cold wind”.

I just thought: Ouch, you haven’t told me, isn’t it just the temperature? I must have learned to close the door. In addition, every time I steam corn, some charcoal will fall from the stove. I will not throw them away. Instead, I will put them in a rotten iron pan and put them under and on the side of the fermentation tank. As a result, the temperature in the room will slowly rise and the fermentation will be guaranteed. I remember that after using these methods, the first and second liquor output rate increased by 15%.

Since then, I have learned that I must observe, summarize and find out the rules in everything I do. All things have their own laws. once the laws are clear, the way will come out. If you do things with your head closed and your mind not moving, you may not get good results if you run out of energy.

In our present orange base, I often say to those homework managers: you should not be stupid, you should learn to master technology, and you should not think that only a little sweat is needed in agriculture, and the big old men think things like that.

In 1955, when the army was evaluating military ranks, why didn’t you give mules a military rank? Mules were the hardest to work in the war. They carried guns and cannons in Jinggangshan, but they could not judge anything. Why? It’s not improving! If someone asks for progress, the general will comment on the general. If you don’t make progress, you won’t be able to do it, will you?

To do things and find rules is to have a clear account in your heart and not to be confused. It seems that the ordinary people have been baking wine for many years, and their experience is in their bellies, so just do it.

In fact, this is not the case. I will take a small notebook and write down how much corn was used, how much fuel was spent, and how much labor was spent by the coolie to carry to the town. I will simply write it down. After selling the wine, calculate how much the surplus is, and what is the difference between this time and the last time.

If you don’t figure out one, two, three in your mind, I don’t think this wine will be a success. At that time, don’t look at my age. The wine baked by others is not as high as mine and the price is not as good as mine. At that time, I had more experience in baking. I knew how strong it was when I knocked on the wine jar. Now I still have this skill.

I’m afraid other adults in the village don’t understand why the wine baked by one of my dolls is better than theirs. In fact, they just don’t recognize it seriously and will they do cost accounting. The same was true when I became an enterprise. It was very important to be serious and cost accounting was very important.

04, learn more, do more, the in the mind have confidence

I am willing to do more than talk. If a person lives in mediocrity, I believe he will not have any life experience.

Looking back on all these years, what I have done with a clear conscience is that there is no mediocre life. When I was a teenager in my hometown, I helped my mother to make a living. Since then, I have not been idle, let alone living.

Over the past few decades, I have carried guns and fought in wars. I have also served in government agencies. Later, I have been doing business for a long time. There have been glories that everyone envies and have fallen to the lowest point in life.

No matter at what stage or at what age, I am doing things wholeheartedly. A person does not waste his time. Only if he contributes to the country and society can his life be valuable.

As a person, I am practical and earnest in doing things. I never consider myself a genius. But I have always been a real person, and I have a very serious attitude and respect the rule of doing whatever I do.

Learning more, knowing more and practicing more, you will have enough energy in your heart. No matter whether I planted oranges in Yuxi cigarette factory before or today, some people always say that I can’t learn. In fact, as long as you try to master the rules of things, and have a serious, keep improving attitude, I think you can learn.

I don’t think I have done anything great. All I have done is to respect the law and abide by my duty.

Some people once rated me as one of the most controversial people in this country, and my life did rise and fall.

However, living to this day, I feel that everything is experience and wealth. Without those gains, without those blows, there would be no Chu Shijian today.

I have never lost in my life, but I always fight with myself. I hope my life value is reflected in the present, not yesterday.

As the years went by, I was almost 90 years old before I knew it. Fate has been kind to me, allowing me to see today’s world-shaking prosperity after experiencing the ups and downs of this country and nation for half a century.

Today’s young generation is much luckier than us. Our generation has many compromises in life, but today’s young people can be more themselves.

I don’t expect much praise from others when talking about my life. I only hope that when people talk about me, they will say, ” Chu shijian did something.”