Some people say that philosophy is difficult to understand, boring, and in fact, this is an illusion.

Philosophers are different from politicians or scientists, and philosophy is different from politics or science. Politicians can bring a period of prosperity to a certain nation, and philosophers bring permanent glory to his people. Scientists teach people how to transform the world, and philosophers directly transform people’s souls. Good politics can make a nation flourish, good science can bring greater welfare to people, and good philosophy creates excellent human beings. A philosophical uselessist, a quick success, and a blind person. Philosophy will not die because of some “end” screams, nor will it enter a dead end because of temporary confusion. As long as human beings exist, the future of philosophy will be infinitely bright.

Taiwanese philosopher Zhao Yabo once asked himself: What exactly is a philosopher? Is it a dog? Is it? Like a dog? Symbol? Like ruminants? Then he responded with Plato’s point of view: the philosopher is a faithful bulldog who guards the flock, guards the homeland, works hard, expels evil, and is not his master. When the thief is rampant, we really admire A good dog. The philosopher is like a good dog, trying to protect good customs and culture. He also said that the philosopher’s perseverance is so strong that it seems to be arrogant, and Bruno has praised such ambiguity. The repeated chewing of ruminants is like the repeated reasoning and thinking of philosophers. No matter what the predecessors said, the true philosopher is as loyal to the social axioms, human wisdom, and his own conscience as the dog is loyal to its master; it does have a strong presence in the truth; the philosopher’s reflection is indeed similar to the ruminant. Rumors, but rumors chew food, and philosophers reflect on thought, culture, and human soul.

In the 17th century, the French philosopher Descartes compared all scientific knowledge to a big tree. “Metaphysics” is the root, “physics” is the dry, and the specific science is the branch. “Metaphysics” refers to ontology, “physics” refers to the concept of nature, and both are within the scope of philosophy. From the perspective of the history of scientific development, this metaphor is appropriate, and each specific science is produced and separated from philosophy. From the nature of philosophy, this metaphor is also appropriate. Each specific science belongs to human beings, and philosophy is about human beings. Therefore, philosophy is more fundamental than science. Without the roots and philosophies, concrete science cannot produce it. Without the study of wisdom, there is no study of knowledge. However, the fruit is formed from the branches, and people who study philosophy often do not get good fruit to eat. Most philosophers in history are relatively cold, and some are even alone, without family. But they are all spiritual rich, making an immortal contribution to the development of human wisdom and culture. Therefore, true philosophers are noble, whether they are materialist philosophers or idealist philosophers. Doing other research, engaging in other industries, can get the name, power, and profit, but the philosopher is always cherished and willing to bear the bitter fruit of wisdom. In addition to having a bitter fruit of wisdom, philosophers have nothing. The philosopher’s poverty is not due to its insults, but because they volunteer to live in poverty and indifference. As the saying goes, “it is not good for its friendship, and its merits are not to be counted.” Love is more than love, and love is more than love. The philosopher is great and truly unselfish. They illuminate all mankind with the light of wisdom, and make mankind move from barbarism to civilization, from darkness to light. As a politician, Solon once brought temporary prosperity to Athens; as a philosopher, Socrates gained a permanent glory to Greece with his love and wisdom. Qin Shihuang annexed the six countries, but it was impossible to be alive. However, Kong Zhongni was only a faculty member. He lived forever in the souls of the descendants of the Yellow Emperor. His thoughts not only spread throughout China, but also went to the world and became the human soul. An important part of. Hitler’s attempt to dominate the world resulted in a shame to Germany; it was Kant, Hegel, and Marx who really went to the world and won glory for Germany. The true philosopher does not belong to a certain nation or country, but belongs to all mankind. The philosopher’s concept of state and government is very indifferent. When Socrates was alive, he did not like to say that he was an Athenian, but always a native of the world. Confucius, Mencius, Zhuangzi and Xunzi in China are all taking the responsibility of the world, not a country or a government. The philosopher is willing to unite with the heavens and the earth, to participate in the cultivation of the heavens and the earth, and to flow with the heavens and the earth. Kant is seeking a professorship, No matter Prussia or Russia. Marx made it clear that the working class does not have a motherland. Most philosophers do, they yearn for the world of Datong, and narrow nationalism is not a philosopher.

Loneliness is the philosopher’s companion and the philosopher’s right. Rational independence is the subject of philosophers. Without a lonely person, without their own philosophy, they will not become philosophers. The philosopher never mixes himself into the ordinary crowd and does not drown himself in the crowd, otherwise he is not a philosopher. The philosopher’s loneliness is not to be in contact with people or to quarrel with others. The relationship between philosophers and others is also very good, otherwise it is not worthy of being a philosopher. The loneliness of a philosopher is a deep experience, a loneliness of thought, and a great personality. Therefore, philosophers dare to uphold the truth, dare to think about problems, and do not confuse with vulgar concepts. The philosopher is not only alone, but also silent and hides himself. Descartes said well: “Whoever hides well, whoever lives well.” Goodness is the hallmark of philosophers. Heraclitus hides the mountains from the earth. When Descartes lived in a town, he changed twenty or thirty places to avoid acquaintances. Schopenhauer’s interference with a wife standing in front of his window and talking to others was a big hit. After the ancient Chinese scholars had a higher philosophical literacy, they also belonged to Nanshan. Almost all philosophers are looking for silence, watching the world, meditating, avoiding the world, and listening to the truth.

What the philosophers are obsessed with – what is philosophy? What is the use of philosophy? This is an old-fashioned problem. Since the emergence of philosophy, the philosophers have tried to solve this problem. Although they have put forward their own answers from their respective perspectives, no answer can be recognized by the philosophers. Interestedly, some philosophers have written a philosophical masterpiece and taught a large number of disciples before they realize that there is no such thing as philosophy, and the task assigned to themselves is to eliminate philosophy. However, the study of philosophy without philosophy is itself a philosophy, and philosophy still exists. So, what is philosophy? Philosophy is not science, it just breeds and produces science. Philosophy is not truth. It is just love and the pursuit of truth. The things that breed, produce science, love, and pursue the truth are nothing else. It is the person itself. The original content of philosophy is the person himself! Socrates told people more than two thousand years ago that “friends, philosophy is the nature of human thought.” Marco Aurelius thinks that philosophy is the commander’s thing. He said, “What can command people? Only the same, this is philosophy.” This essentially regards philosophical content as the core of human soul. Goethe, a German poet, once said, “Every stage of life has a certain philosophy corresponding to it.” Conde of France believes that childhood is like a theologian (loving myths and legends, I don’t know how tall, innocent and ridiculous), youth It seems that metaphysicists (who are ideal, often think one-sidedly thinking about problems), seem to be physicists in the prime of life (considering that the problem is more comprehensive and practical, can anticipate all kinds of possible situations, and work more securely). This is to say that philosophy is the value scale, code of conduct and guide to action of people. Philosophy exists in people’s minds and is the core part of people’s souls. Philosophy exists in people’s lives and is the headquarters of life. Of course, it is not that everyone is a philosopher. Everyone has a philosophy of philosophy in the soul, but that everyone has philosophical research in his thoughts. The content of philosophy exists in people’s minds. Therefore, Aristotle said, “Don’t talk about philosophy, but also about philosophy.” You don’t talk about philosophy, talk about heaven, talk about land, talk about parents, and the West is short, which still has philosophical content. What is “day”? Is it material or spiritual? How big is it, is it unlimited or limited? How to determine the value scale of “long” and “short”? These are all philosophical issues. Feuerbach said well, “The true philosophy is not a book of creation, but a creator.” Philosophy is the nature of human thought, and philosophy can change the nature of human thought. Good philosophy can make people a good person, and bad philosophy can make people a bad person. Of course, philosophy is also created by people. After the philosophy was created, it created people. After all, humans recreate themselves through philosophy.

Philosophy is different from science. The content of philosophy is the nature of human thought. Therefore, philosophy is the subjective knowledge. The content of science is the nature and law of the world. Therefore, science is the subject of knowledge. Fundamentally speaking, philosophy is about the “I” of human beings, the study of human wisdom, will, and emotion; science is the knowledge about the world, the nature of a certain part of the objective world, the nature of a certain level, and the law of law. . Man is the essence of the world, the deepest mystery of all mysteries, and therefore difficult to recognize, especially the “I” of the people to be revealed by philosophy. When you know “I” as an object, there will be another “I” above “I”. In this world, only “I” is hidden the most. When the philosopher grasps “I”, he hides himself with “I”. Not only is it hidden from Nanshan, but it is also “unbelievable.” Most of the problems of philosophy cannot be completely solved. Some of them always exist, they are always new, some are gone, and there is no clear conclusion. For example, the issue of ontology has been widely debated since ancient times. There is no final conclusion. Modern philosophers simply do not discuss it; scientific problems can be completely solved, only temporary. For example, is the sun turning around the earth or the earth turning around the sun? Is the earth’s orbit running in a true circle or an ellipse? Astronomy has given a clear answer, and now it is no longer a problem. The development of philosophy is slow, even stagnation; the development of science is rapid, and it is changing with each passing day. Philosophy has diversity, answers to the same question are varied, and no one can convince anyone; science only has identity, and the correct answer to the same question can only be the same. Therefore, philosophy is not science. If we confuse philosophy with science, it will not only improve the status of philosophy, but will lead to the demise of philosophy. Some people think that philosophy is useless. Philosophers can only sway their lips and talk about it. It is not practical, because they don’t understand philosophy and confuse philosophy with science. In fact, science has scientific uses. It is a weapon to recreate the objective world. Philosophy has the use of philosophy. It is the weapon of the “I” who recreates people. Therefore, philosophy is more fundamental than science. Is there any identity between philosophy and science? some. Philosophy recreates people, recreates the world through people; science recreates the world, and creates people through the world. The two are unified in the world of re-creation and re-creation, and they all belong to human learning.

It is true that philosophy can’t bake bread, but it can enrich and inspire your soul. Economic development is of course directly related to the development of science and technology and the transformation of business methods. However, the role of philosophy emancipating the mind cannot be ignored. From the discussion of practical standards to the discussion of productivity standards, philosophy has liberated people’s minds, refreshed people’s spirit, and began the economic take-off. How can it be said that philosophy is useless? As the essence of the spirit of the times, philosophy is the core or nature of the living soul of every generation and even everyone. Can you say that this “core” and “nature” are useless? Since the 20th century, Western philosophy has been continually spread to China, including proletarian philosophy (Marxist philosophy) and various bourgeois philosophies. These foreign philosophies have smeared the Chinese feudal consciousness, changed the Chinese feudal soul, and made this ancient nation undergo earth-shaking changes. Is the use of philosophy not more obvious? Despise philosophers, people who despise philosophy, don’t forget the fish!

Learning philosophy can help people build healthy personality and make their personality full and smooth. Philosophy has made the personality sleek, and it is by no means a teaching of the world. On the contrary, philosophy teaches people to preside over justice, which makes people more stylish and has their own personality. Philosophy and culture can enrich people, and the enriched personality is naturally smooth. Without philosophical cultivation, the lack of cultural knowledge is empty, that is, it is ambiguous, it will not be round. If you just install the circle, ride the wall, look around and look forward to it, be cautious, don’t dare to tell the truth, do not dare to do things, look at the face, act in disbelief, you will live very tired, afraid of offending people, the result is to offend everyone. . If you have a higher philosophical literacy and more cultural knowledge, your personality will naturally be enriched, and the enriched personality will be naturally smooth. A person with such a personality will be able to live a life-saving, free and easy-going in the vast sea of ​​people. It is also in this true sleekness that we can highlight our own personality, express our passion, exert our creativity and realize our own value.

Learning and studying philosophy can relieve mental pain, eliminate the sense of distress, and also get the joy of tranquility and excitement. Epicurus said: “The philosopher’s words that cannot heal the suffering of people are empty. The philosophy of not healing the sickness of the mind is as unhelpful as the medicine that cannot heal the physical illness.” Pain and distress originate from the incomprehension of certain phenomena. Originated from the ignorance of the laws and essence of certain things. “All the reality is reasonable”, “All that is reasonable is the reality”, “everything that exists is inevitably going to perish”. If you truly understand these truths, what pain can you say? Resentment is especially awkward. Plato said: “Philosophy is the supreme literary art.” “Talking about philosophy and listening to people and talking about philosophy has always been a very happy thing for me.” Aristotle also said: “I think happiness always has a sense of happiness. And the activity of philosophical wisdom is precisely the most enjoyable of the activities recognized as all virtues. This kind of pleasure is more precious because it is purely lasting.” Perceptual pleasure is temporary, rational pleasure is lasting, and philosophy is given to people. Reasonable and happy. Hegel also said: “I know a lot of wonderful science, but I don’t know that there is more wonderful science than philosophy.” Of course, these are the experiences of philosophers, and it is not necessarily the case for general philosophers. Experience, but no matter how you study philosophy, you should not feel pain. Of course, people are not only rational animals, but also emotional animals. When rationality and sensibility are not harmonious, troubles will also arise. When philosophers meditate on their stomachs, they may not be so happy.

Some people say that philosophy is difficult to understand, boring, and in fact, this is an illusion. Philosophy is about the nature of human nature. It is therefore intrinsic, it is inherent or potential in every mature mind, but grasping it is not an easy task. Research philosophy requires a certain degree of understanding. A person who does not have a certain understanding cannot become a philosopher. People who have no understanding see philosophy as an external Bible or dogma, and regard themselves as believers or slaves of philosophy, so that they can not jump into a circle. The Danish philosopher Kierkegaard said well, “Philosophy is detached every step of the way, and its diners climb into it.” Those who lie in a certain philosophical circle and use it as a means of earning a living are not exactly Such a diners? Philosophy is the external cultural form of human inner nature. It belongs to people, and people must be masters of philosophy. People are constantly surpassing existence, and philosophy is constantly surpassing. Baskaer of France said that it is the true philosophical thinking that can ridicule philosophy. The German philosopher Jaspers said that engaging in philosophy is to engage in transcendence. In the new century, it is the sacred mission of philosophers to control and criticize various philosophical systems, to push philosophy forward, and to create creative newcomers.