Sniper’s patience

Control your inner impulse, resist all kinds of specious temptations, wait for the opportunity with great patience, and finally reap your own wealth and even life.

In the winter of 1942, Stalingrad entered the last street fight. Vassili, the leader of the Soviet ” Eagle Sniper Team”, was ordered to lead his team-mates to blow up the bridge on the Dnieper River, which meant that they would go deep into enemy-occupied areas.

After completing the task, in the process of retreat, in a mangrove forest, the Eagle team members encountered German snipers. After fierce fighting, the enemy bodies were scattered all over the land, and the Eagle team members also fell eight. Only Ivan was still in the dark! Just then, two shots rang out from deep in the woods. Vassili heart a tight, followed the gunfire quickly touch. Yes, Ivan! He lay in a pool of blood with a bullet in his chest.

Vassili followed the blood on the grass and quietly pulled out the woods. Outside is a small stone mound, only a few stones, no figure. All of a sudden, Vassili keenly caught a faint light spot shaking on his temple. He instinctively sprang to his feet and jumped behind a huge rock on the right. The gun went off and he had a sharp pain in his left thigh, which had been pierced by bullets. Vassili hid behind the stone, wheezing with pain.

With this shot, Vassili judged that the enemy was hiding behind the huge rock in front of him, but looking through the cracks, there was no movement in front of him. Blood was pouring in his leg, so he had to take out the hemostatic and put it on and bandage it. Then, enduring the pain in his leg, he dug out the mud in the stone crevice, dug out a small hole, and formed a shooting hole, waiting with concentration. The enemy hid behind an isolated boulder, and so did Vassili. The two were 50 meters apart. Vassili waited patiently. As long as the enemy left the boulder, he was sure to kill him.
I didn’t think the enemy was surprisingly calm. Three hours later, he still did not budge. Even Vassili, who has always been famous for his calm, was surprised. Vassili blew his rubber gloves into the size of his palm and tied them to the muzzle, making it crawl on the edge of the stone like a real hand. Only heard a ” bang”, rubber gloves two fingers were cut off by JiGen. The enemy’s marksmanship was extremely accurate. Not only did he not leave, he was constantly watching him.

The two men stood in silence. Vassili knew that he had met a real sniper this time. Night fell, the enemy did not move, vassili did not move. He did not dare to close his eyes and stared at the huge rock firmly, but the enemy was as still as dead.

One day and one night passed, and the two were still deadlocked. Whoever comes out of the stone first means death. ” Boom!” The sky was covered with dark clouds, thunder and lightning, and it rained cats and dogs. The rain fell on the wound and hurt hard. Vassili gritted his teeth to resist. He believes that the enemy is also suffering, as long as the guy can’t help but quietly touch up, that is his vassili’s only chance. However, the enemy remained motionless as if he were dead. Vassili secretly surprised in his heart, what kind of an enemy is this, unexpectedly has such amazing endurance!

The second night came again, the enemy, still did not move. Vassili’s confidence began to waver, and a feeling of extreme exhaustion poured in ” can’t sleep!” He warned himself, but his eyelids were completely out of control. At that moment, his hand touched his chest and met a hard object, ” Lisa!” He woke up suddenly and pulled out a badge with sb on it from his arms. Although it was not clear in the dim light of night, Lisa appeared in front of him again. She was standing under the birch tree like a beautiful tulip … However, the German plane came and her parents died in the bombing. In the riverside of the hometown, Lisa personally put on this badge for him and sent him to the battlefield. ” Vassili, come back alive.” Her tearful request burned like a soldering iron in his heart. ” I want to go back alive for Lisa!” Vassili felt a rush of heat flow in his heart, and suddenly he was wide awake.

He took off his clothes and stuffed them into his helmet. In the dark, the helmet looked like a human head. He tied the ” human head” to the butt of the gun and slowly leaned out from behind the boulder. He jerked it back and tested it three times in a row. The fourth time, the ” human head” was completely exposed to the stone. Sure enough, the other side of the gun rang and a hole was punched in the helmet. Vassili quickly let out a scream.

The enemy did not rush in and remained on hold.

When the sun came out, the enemy still did not come out. Vassili was already a little impatient. The German guy was so calm! He could hardly help rushing to see if the enemy was sleeping.

All of a sudden, a figure appeared behind the big stone opposite! Vassili’s heart was in his throat, and he pointed his gun at the stone crevice to the figure. ” Dummy!” He was startled and his trigger finger stopped suddenly. It is a very lifelike head, but at a distance of 50 meters, the head looks a little bigger. ” Fake Head” stretched five times in a row, Vassili did not move. Finally, a helmet slowly emerged from the other side of the stone. A man stood up silently. Vassili pulled the trigger without hesitation. The man fell flat.

Vassili walked past with a gun. The German fell pale and had a hole punched in his forehead. Vassili crouched down and pulled out a certificate from the German chest, which read: Keniger, SS colonel, ace sniper. The German held a picture frame in his hand. In the picture frame was a girl with blue eyes, smiling and standing by a clear river. Vassili felt a twinge of pain in his heart. He thought of Lisa. Perhaps the German girl, like Lisa, is also looking forward to the return of her sweetheart alive. He finally understood why the German had the amazing perseverance to stand off with him for two days and two nights! His heart, how strong the desire to survive! However, fate is doomed to let him stay in this land forever.

” You have worked very hard!” Vassili gently closed the German’s eyes, put the frame on his chest, stood up and gave a military salute. This is a worthy enemy!