Significance of reading

Whether reading is useful or not should be considered as a debate topic. I think the reason why there are so many differences is because each of us has different definitions of the word ” use”.

Therefore, to answer this question, reference books, such as educational, scientific and academic books, must be excluded first. Because when you have a definite purpose, the function of these books is obvious, and you can obtain various theorems of higher functions through books.

When I say reading, I mean reading in a broad sense. When someone asks you whether reading is useful or not, you actually know what he means by reading.

It is only during the wrangling that the above tricky angle is taken out. In order to avoid meaningless arguments, I’ll seal the hole first.

Then the following is the crux of the problem: is reading useful?

In the process of our growth, we will always experience some big and small things. Memory is a snobbish thing. It will not help you save every detail. For it, it is not its purpose to remember.

As time goes on, our experience gradually evaporates, and the little crystal left behind can be firmly kept in mind. That crystallization is experience.

Man is an experienced animal. All our judgments about the future can only rely on experience. To some extent, your experience determines what kind of three views you have and what kind of person you are.

Reading is actually a process of creating experiences. For example, as the protagonist grows up, although the story belongs to others, the feeling is yours. Absorbing other people’s different experiences for their own use, sewing on themselves bit by bit, has gradually become your third view.

It is not only an idea, but also permeates all aspects of life, from the choice of life direction to the view of things. This change is subtle, but the result is butterfly effect.

Since your birth, everything you have experienced and read has become your clothes. In modern civilization, clothes are the capital for you to walk on the street calmly. In this respect, reading is absolutely useful. It can make you have foresight and even cultivation.

It can make you feel more at ease in this world. It is such an obvious truth, why are there so many people arguing?

I have read a lot of theories about the uselessness of reading and found that all these theories are not without foundation. They are equally logical and meticulous, and there are examples to follow in life. We clearly said the same thing, but we came to completely opposite conclusions. That can only explain one thing. No matter whether they are useful or useless, they have not touched the core of the problem.

Reading is a process of constructing three views, which is beyond doubt, so the problem comes to another level. Is it useful to construct three views?

I haven’t been touched by any articles for a long time. The internet is full of ” even life is hard to maintain, what poems and distant places are we talking about?” ” Ordinary is the true meaning of life” and ” Most afraid of you doing nothing but comforting yourself with ordinary value”.

Whether they should live in an ordinary way or fight for themselves, these are two opposing views, but they can still convince some people in a masterful way. I can only say that they are all right, but they have different values.

Just like wool has two ends, you drag one of them into the core of the wool ball bit by bit. When you open it completely, you find that there is no root at all. Its root is the other end.

You can accept the whole as a whole, or you can choose the middle point of the wool, or you can even stubbornly hold on to one end. There is no right or wrong in the original, just a choice. But the problem is that once you make a choice, you create contradictions.

Just like the development of things is expanding from various angles and there is no specific direction, but human development has a direction, human civilization has a direction, and human beings have not stood still, so we make a choice and distinguish right from wrong, so that things are divided into two parts, half good and half bad.

Ordinary or struggling, they are two choices derived from the same thing, either marking time or making choices, and there is no other way.

Human nature does not know good and evil originally, but in order to abandon evil for good in civilization, we define the side beneficial to human beings as ” good”, and the other half naturally becomes ” bad”.

The same is true for the two contradictory camps, which are on the one hand indiscriminate absolute truth and on the other hand relatively narrow and correct on the premise of human development.

This contradiction not only becomes a barrier in creation, but also can be seen everywhere in life.

At a younger age, many people would agree with your suggestion that pork should be cooked, but pigs would not think so. To put it bluntly, the ” freedom, equality and fraternity” put forward by the French Revolution is itself a sick phrase. Absolute freedom will eventually be above the law, and it will not be equal.

Even gave me freedom, why didn’t you give me selfish freedom instead of fraternizing with me? The final result is that these three things need to be compromised to a certain extent before they can be brought together.

Around the world back to the origin
The tigers in the zoo have to do all kinds of difficult actions to eat a mouthful of food, such as walking upright and drilling the fire circle, because the other end of the fire circle is food.

Tigers have the ability to jump in the ring of fire, but they also have the ability to hurt people. This is true, and we hide some of the truth so that tigers feel that they can only jump in the ring of fire.

Nature domesticated human beings, who in turn acted as part of the nature of animals. If one day the world’s last tiger lives in a circus, perhaps it will become their nature to drill into the ring of fire.

At that time, we will face another choice: to live cruelly and truly, or to live falsely and beautifully.

If you are a tiger, are you willing to accept this practice of life for the food after the fire circle? It must be full of suffering and stumbling, which is the price we pay for creating contradictions.

However, this is often the case in life. You seem to have no choice but to join in this practice. You must read books and break through thousands of books, because when you sew up the correct three views on yourself bit by bit, you also learn the ability to disassemble – thinking logic.

This is unexpected in life. It makes us jump in the circle of fire, but we have the ability to jump. The end of everything is the other side. You don’t have to look back, just move forward. When you break through the boundary between truth and right by reading, you will return to the origin around the world.

At that time, you saw all aspects of things, the contradiction will eventually be reconciled in your heart, you are no longer the confused teenager at the beginning.

This is the change that the world seeks. From then on, through this ability, you can find another angle to live and find a less dangerous but comfortable angle, which is your meaning.

And if you don’t read, you don’t even have the means to get this meaning. You will not turn suffering into happiness, and you will not see the other side of the water.

What you see is what others show you, what you do is what others want you to do, and you don’t even know what kind of creature you are.

You will become the tiger who thinks that jumping in the ring of fire is the nature. This tiger is not necessarily unhappy, but it must be incomplete. You have lost your choice, been deprived of the right to know the truth, and become a puppet, just like living in The Truman Show.

You will always be a baby in mind and need to be guided step by step by adults. All your thoughts are design, your body is pulled by countless lines, controlling every movement.

When I was a child, I loved watching Zhou xingchi’s nonsense because I didn’t have to think, just laugh. The Mermaid, which he directed now, is actually just a feeling of love. I don’t believe all the grief, profound meaning and irony that are over – interpreted.

Growing up, I love watching ” The Shawshank Redemption”. In fact, love is a kind of growth. It turns out that movies do not require the main character to tell jokes or walk through bullets. I am still safe and sound, telling a story quietly, but there are some things I can learn from it.

It opens a door to the world and fills me with fantasy. It is a kind of hope.

Today’s favorite is ” heartache”. I don’t know what I love. it doesn’t have Stephen chow’s belly laugh, Shawshank’s desperate situation, and the truth of ” seven deadly sins”.

It took a common flower, and when the world was cycling between the joy of ” I understand” and the despair of ” how can I understand?” the flower was so beautiful that no one cared about it. It’s like saying ” don’t be sad, and me.”

It is your practice to study hard, to jump over one fire circle after another, and to accept the pruning of the world. because when you keep getting food, you will gain an unprecedented ability to jump back from the other end of the fire circle. then you will find that there is a huge contradiction waiting for you to disassemble.

To a certain extent, you will get freedom of thought, which is the meaning of reading. If you meet the same person in the process of moving forward and watch him jump out of the ring of fire alone, you should tell him, ” don’t be sad, and me.”

Don’t be afraid, you will be lonely, but also great. Don’t be afraid, you won’t be alone either, someone will come to find this truth one after another.