People, can’t let the mood sick

Living healthily is already the greatest possession.

The movie ” Three Silly Men Make Bollywood” has a particularly gentle line:

The heart is actually very fragile, so we should always coax it, often put our hands on the heart and say to ourselves: nothing is wrong.

I particularly agree with this sentence.

People’s hearts are full of flesh, afraid of changes, afraid of parting, afraid of the unknown, afraid of anxiety, but in our daily life, we will inevitably meet people we don’t like and experience some unpleasant things.

When you are angry or wronged, you must learn to calm down and be your own onlooker, smiling and patiently comforting your heart so that it can let go of its irritability and calm down bit by bit.

Life is a mood, life is a state of mind, no matter what the status quo is, no matter what the future is, you have to coax your heart and make it happy.

Remember, people can’t let their mood get sick.

Yesterday, shortly before dawn, I received a message from reader Tao on Weibo.

She asked me if I still remember the story she told me in summer. At that time, she just broke up with her boyfriend who had been in love for three years. In the winter, she still didn’t put it down.

She said: ” I always think of him in the dead of night, insomnia, silent tears, silence, stunned, friends all think I am not as happy as before. All say time is the best quack, but how can it not cure me … ”

I went up through the records and relived the story of a broken man who cheated on his best friend. I almost talked about the marriage theory and the sudden change after he got married. From then on, the husband was a passer – by.

After thinking for a while, I replied to her: ” Heart diseases still need heart medicine. Even a good doctor needs patients to cooperate with him.”

In fact, after experiencing some unpleasant things, everyone can’t get up from disappointment or sadness, or even despair at once, and always feel sad for a while. This is understandable and inevitable.

However, those who actively cheer up after a period of time are not heartless.

But they really began to feel unworthy. They began to look forward and work towards a brighter direction. Naturally, those old things will not affect their better self.

But what about peach? Knowing that I shouldn’t feel nostalgic for each other any more, I couldn’t help secretly reading each other’s microblog at night. He had a good time and felt uncomfortable in my heart. He had a bad time and felt uncomfortable in my heart. I didn’t know whether he was well or not and felt even more uncomfortable in my heart.

You see, if you just immerse yourself in the past, it will be of no use to you except to block yourself.

After all, life is after life, not before. If you want to understand, many things will come to light.

Feelings are like this, as are daily work and daily life.

Last fall, I made an anonymous tree hole and put it in the public number so that everyone can write down what they usually want to say but dare not say.

One day, I received a message backstage. A reader asked me if I could delete the contents in the tree hole. He said that he felt relieved at that time, but he was not angry now. Looking at the content, he was a little funny and embarrassed. He felt that he was very childish and irrational.

I think we are all like this, maybe we have experienced lovelorn, maybe we have been scolded by the boss, maybe we have quarreled with our family, maybe it is trivial everyday, the husband is inconsiderate to himself, and the children don’t understand …

Every family has a difficult lesson to read. When negative energy strikes, it really feels wronged to the point of bursting. However, when you say that you will be relaxed and relaxed, you will feel that there is no need to go to war and life will still go on.

Yes, since we have to turn over articles in the morning and evening, why bother to compete with ourselves?

If you point out who is wrong, don’t take it to heart, don’t hold on to your own mistakes, and don’t be angry with others for their mistakes.

As an old saying goes, it is difficult to cure diseases of the body, but only to cure diseases of the heart.

Living is like rowing slowly in the bitter sea. You are the paddler in your own life. No matter how hard the wind and rain are, you must calm down and deal with it. There is nothing others can do except to cross the river.

Therefore, don’t be hard on yourself, take good care of your body and mind, is the premise of all happiness.

When those trivial matters and trivial matters are really hard to bear in mind, it is better to type out what you want to say in a memorandum. When you write a draft full of worries, you will suddenly find that it is not worth being angry. With this skill, it is better to have a delicious meal.

When people begin to learn to be bystanders in their own lives, they will see many things more clearly, and their hearts will be more thorough. When they are in a good mood, everything will be better.

” Xibao” said:

What I want most is love, a lot, a lot of love. If there is no love, money is also good. If there is no money, at least I still have health.

To live healthily is already the greatest possession. If you think about it, you will feel safe and happy.

In the days to come, I hope you often tell yourself that 99% of what you worry about, what you fear and what you fear will not happen.

What should be put down should be put down early, what should be abandoned should be far away early, and all people and things that are not worth it should be put aside and ignored. Do not frighten yourself, let alone make yourself sick.

Put your hand on your heart and say to yourself:

You are great, everything is fine, peace and joy, and the world is worth it.