Many parents regret seeing the ” eight golden years” of their children’s life too late.

The law of children’s growth is what every parent wants to know. The purpose of this article is to let parents understand the laws of children’s growth and make reasonable and timely expectations, especially when children encounter difficulties and troubles. Knowing these laws will make parents feel much surer and less anxious.

The following are the ” eight golden years” of a child’s life. parents should look at the key points of the child’s cultivation each year.

One year old, a safe year for training

When a child is one year old, what parents should do is to spend more time with the child. This is better than any hard knowledge, because he has learned more valuable things here. He knows that he is loved by others, that he is the most precious treasure of his parents, that someone will help him, and that everything in this world is so beautiful.

Children in their infancy are experiencing setbacks and difficulties every day. At an early age, they must do everything possible to do things that their own strength cannot achieve. They especially like to have people around them, pay attention to their actions, make them happy, talk to them, and play with them in all natural ways. Only in this way can they feel safe and grow up more smoothly.

What we should do most is to patiently tolerate the child and cultivate his lifelong trust and happiness.

2 years old, a year to cultivate a sense of humor

” Sense of humor” is an important part of personality charm. Two and a half years old is the best time to cultivate children’s sense of humor. He left his circle and joined the crowd. When others laugh, he will laugh too. When he is with adults and children, he will still take the initiative to smile at adults as a way to communicate with adults. When he sees inconsistent and uncoordinated things, he will feel very funny and will intentionally wear his jacket in reverse to find fun.

Parents should pay attention to expanding their children’s interests, adding humorous situations and strong humorous ability, which can eliminate many tensions and troubles for them and make children enjoy life.

3 years old, a year that cannot be missed in cultivating creativity.

The child’s creativity sprouted when he was three years old. Their creativity came from curiosity and liveliness. As long as there was an appropriate environment and opportunity to inspire him, his potential would naturally be brought into full play.

It is a good way to train his creativity to let his children make up stories, draw colorful pictures, rub mud and give him encouragement. He can deliberately not tell the end when telling stories and let him make them up by himself. Cut out the funny pictures in the magazine and let him make up stories according to the pictures.

All these practices help the child to think positively and develop his imagination, especially to strengthen his logical concept. All kinds of flowers and plants, raising small animals and often taking him on outings can also inspire children’s creativity.

4 years old, a year of rapid growth in language expression

Language is one of the four-year-old children’s favorites. She suddenly became very talkative.

Please don’t laugh at your child’s mistakes in language use, otherwise the child will feel anxious because of fear of saying wrong, and may even stutter or refuse to speak at all. You can repeat what he said in the correct way, but you should not emphasize the mistake of the child.

Four is also an age to ask questions. They have endless ” why”, partly because they are eager to know something new; Part of it is for fun and chatting. Another part is to express resistance. Of course, it is mainly for learning, so please try to satisfy them.

Five years old, the most intimate and harmonious year of parent-child relationship

Five – year – old children can control their own behavior, and do what they can, get along with others harmoniously and intimately. At this stage, I especially love my mother. My favorite thing to do is to make my mother happy. My mother’s words are golden rules for him. Praise and affirmation from my mother are very important to him.

Because the five-year-old thinks that his mother must have a heart-to-heart relationship with him, he sometimes mistakenly thinks that his mother should know what he thinks and thinks. When he talks with his mother, he often doesn’t have enough patience to say everything he should say, and then he is angry with his mother, because she doesn’t understand what he wants to say at once. A mother’s mind needs to turn fast enough.

6 years old, the most prominent year of inner conflict

May be the most troubled age between mother and child, at the age of five, mother is the center of his whole world; At the age of six, the center of his world became himself. The child is looking for his central point. As he grows more mature and independent, he wants to break the old balance and establish his own independent kingdom.

On the one hand, loving and needing mothers cannot be separated from their love and acceptance; On the other hand, he is eager to be independent again, so he often pushes away his mother again, making both himself and his mother’s life very difficult.

When a child loses his temper or there is going to be a big trouble between mother and child, father will appear on the stage, which can often save the whole family from fire and water.

At the age of 7, abstract thinking began to develop in a year.

Seven – year – old pupils often think that they are the center of the whole world and that anything that moves is living. He will also understand that some things happen according to his wishes: ” If I want rain, it will rain.” He even believes that objects and natural phenomena are as emotional and thoughtful as people. He also looks at many things with magic.

The development of abstract thinking enables children to see the similarities and differences between objects. He could understand that changes in the shape of the container would not result in changes in quantity, and he began to understand the meaning of quantity. If you put 10 stones in a row, and then put 8 stones in a row of the same length slightly apart, he can tell which row has more stones.

An 8 – year – old year of keen thinking and active thinking

Eight – year – old children can already start thinking about many problems. With all-round development of thinking and language, and enhanced judgment ability, one can draw certain conclusions by simple logic and make simple deductive reasoning.

Another important change in thinking level is that the eight-year-old no longer believes in all things as before, but now he is more and more aware of the objective forces of nature. The typical eight-year-old child is very talkative in language. Although he is not completely honest, he can already tell fantasy from reality.