Ignorance at my own weight

Self-righteousness is our natural and primitive ill. The poorest and most vulnerable creature of all creatures is human beings. However, he is the most proud of himself.

Just as all sin comes from conceit, all other virtues are caused by obedience and return.

The impassion in your opinion and argument is a sign of stupidity. Is there anything that is as confident, firm, arrogant, contemplative, serious, and heavy as stupid?

The great ills of the world, or more daringly, all the bad habits in the world are due to the fact that we are taught to be afraid of acknowledging our ignorance, and that we must accept everything we cannot refute. Everything we talk about by rules and decisions.

Oh, arrogance, how much hinder us!

God exhorts us to escape the philosophies of the world. She has repeatedly taught us that our wisdom is nothing but stupid things in God’s view. The most conceited person in all arrogance is human beings; humans abuse wisdom but don’t know what it is. Wisdom; man is nothing, if he thinks it is, then it is nothing more than self-temptation, self-deception, etc. What does it mean when God says this? These epigrams of the Holy Spirit express my views in a clear and vivid way, so I don’t need any other evidence to oppose those who will serve God’s rights with humility and obedience.

I think that one of the other proofs of our stupidity must not be forgotten, that is, people rely on his own desires and expectations to find out what is necessary for him; and, not only in the existing things, Even in terms of imagination and desire, we cannot agree on what we will be satisfied with.

According to God’s law, we are far from being a good person, so that we cannot be good people according to our own laws. Human wisdom has never fulfilled its own obligations, and if it can be done, it will set new goals for itself to pursue and demand. Our human condition is really harmful to consistency. Human beings must blame themselves for making mistakes: he does not carefully deduct his obligations, he uses another biological standard, not human own standards. For whom is he making things that he does not expect others to perform? If he does not do things that he can’t do, isn’t it just right? The law that condemns our incompetence is because we can’t do anything to condemn us.

It is believed that the laws of nature are there, as we have seen in other creatures, but the laws of nature have disappeared among us. That wonderful human rationality perpetuates its domination and domination, causing it to upset and confuse the face of things because of its arrogant arrogance and capriciousness.

In order to judge the phenomenon of things we accept, we must have a means of ruling; in order to verify this means, we must have arguments; in order to verify this argument, we need a means: so that we will circle. Because it is impossible to judge our disputes because we are full of uncertainty, we must do this work by reason. However, any kind of reasoning can only be based on another kind of reasoning, so we are trapped in infinity.

Pride destroys and ruins mankind. It is the way that pride makes him deviate from familiarity. He accepts novel things. He is willing to be the head of all things, lost his way, and roams on the road to hell, becoming a teacher of error, not a son of truth.

I hate all types of arbitrariness, whether verbally or in action. I am ready to oppose the conceit that deceives our senses. As long as we pay close attention to those extraordinary dignitaries, I find that they are at best only the same people as others.

A person can only be himself, and he cannot imagine beyond his ability. Plutarch said: “The biggest pretentious people are those who are trying to talk about God and the demigod. Their arrogance is more than the one who does not understand music and evaluates singing…”

The final result of our search for the source is in a vague surprise. As Plutarch said, it is a surprise to the proof of history, just like on the chart and map, the farthest known country. The border is full of swamps, difficult forests, deserts, and uninhabitable areas. This is why some people who talk about books talk about the most serious topics, the deepest progress, and indulge in their own curiosity and imagination, but you can find the most vulgar and childish gibberish in these writers.

Good luck and bad luck are two dominant forces in my opinion. It is foolish to think that human intelligence can play the role of the goddess of fate. The human effort is in vain. He thinks that if he understands the cause and effect, he can proceed to advance his plan.

What makes me laugh is not our stupidity, but our intelligence.

Let us look at the people themselves alone. He does not have any foreign aid. He only has his own armed forces and lacks sacred virtues and wisdom. This is the source of all human glory and strength and the basis for human existence. Let us look at what kind of entities humans contain under this beautiful costume. Let him explain to me that he believes that he is superior to other creatures, what makes him believe that Tianyu’s magical movement changes, and the eternal light of the sun, moon and stars running on his head is boundless. The terrible waves of the ocean are ups and downs. All this is for his needs and convenience. For him, for thousands of years? This is not only unable to control oneself, but also the poor and small creatures who have been manipulated by all things claim to be the master and supreme of the universe. Can you imagine something more ridiculous than this? People cannot afford to know the universe, let alone grasp the universe. People think that they have the right to say that they are the only creatures in the world who can understand the beauty of the universe building and its components. They are the only ones who can express gratitude to the builders of the universe building and calculate the growth and decline of things in the world. I wonder, who is giving him this privilege?

Finally, I want to check whether the power of human beings finds what he is pursuing. Does this kind of exploration he has been engaged in for thousands of years enrich him with any new power or solid truth: I believe he will admit— – If he speaks conscience – the whole result of his long-term inquiry is nothing more than learning to understand his own weakness. Only through long-term research can we affirm and confirm our innate ignorance and ignorance. Similarly, people who are truly learned are like wheat ears. When they are still empty, they stand tall and stand tall; But when they are mature and full of bulging granules, they begin to hang down and not show their edge. Similarly, people have tried and explored everything, in addition to the emptiness of this complex knowledge and numerous things. In addition, no solid and reliable things can be found, so they have abandoned their pretentious psychology and acknowledged their original status.

Self-importance is a disease that we are born with. The most unfortunate, weakest and most conceited of all creations is human beings. He saw that he was in a deserted land surrounded by sludge weeds, living and dying in the darkest and deadly corners of the universe, away from the sky, but the heart was higher than the sky, imagining that he soared in the space of the sea of ​​clouds, the sky Also step on the foot.

It is this kind of self-respecting imagination that makes people self-respecting to God, thinking that they are divine, and that they are the spirit of all things, different from other creations; animals are actually friends and partners of human beings, but people are arbitrarily at their disposal. They are also self-righteously assigned to them with some power and certain characteristics. How can he know the inner thoughts and secrets of animals based on his own cleverness? What kind of comparison does he make to humans and animals? He concludes that animals are stupid? Our greed is beyond all the achievements we have achieved to meet our needs.

People have no intentions about themselves, and they have neither substance nor meaning. It is also said that only some of the animals have the freedom of this kind of imagination, and they are not marginally suggesting what they are, what is not, what is what, what is not, true and false. This is a strong point of human beings. But it doesn’t have to be elated, because it creates a source of pain that disturbs him: sin, disease, hesitation, turmoil, disappointment.

We love almost everything in animals. Everything is infused with our minds, and even their excretion and secretions are as good as they are, and they are used as ornaments and spices.

To be superior to animals, to devalue them, not to associate with them, not to be rational, but to be arrogant and stubborn.

Listening to Cicero’s argument, he uses his own fantasies to explain the fantasies of others: “Whoever wants to understand our thoughts about everything will only become more curious. There is a philosophical principle: arguing about everything, right Nothing is reached. This article was established by Socrates, revived by Akai Silus, and the principle strengthened by Cagnedes, which has been passed down to this day and still maintains vitality. We belong to this school, believe in truth and falsehood. Entangled together, the two are so similar, there is no sure sign to judge and distinguish them.”

Lucretius said: “The heavens, the earth, and the sea together cannot be compared with the sum of the sums.” The

world must use its own scale to measure things that are far from being measured, and it is helpless. “If people are a little successful, they will be arrogant, and their degree of falsehood will be surprising.”

“It is impossible for people to imagine what God is like. People think that they have imagined God. In fact, they still imagine themselves. They only see themselves, not him. They compare themselves with themselves, not him. “.

I can’t remember if Plato said this famous saying: Nature is just a mysterious poem. Nature seems to be hidden in the fascinating painting behind the slanting light, exercise our guessing ability.

“All things in nature are shrouded in dark fog, and no one’s wisdom can penetrate heaven and earth.”

How does psychological activity have a penetrating power on a solid body, and how the various organs of the body can communicate in tandem, as Solomon said, no one has yet been known. Pliny said: “All these things are hidden behind the awkward nature and are unfathomable to human reason.” St. Augustine said: “The mind and the body are in harmony, it is wonderful, people can’t Understand, it is because of this that there is a person.”

“As if people can measure everything, but can not measure themselves.”

Yes, Protagora told us such a whisper, people never know to measure themselves, but will Measure everything. If a person cannot measure himself, his self-esteem does not allow other creations to have this ability. People themselves are so full of contradictions. Once a person has an idea, there will be people who will refute it. This kind of exulting discussion is just a farce. We have to make us conclude that the metrics and measurers are nothing.

When Thales thinks it is difficult for people to know people, it is impossible for him to tell people to know other things.

There is a rumor that you should never trust anyone, because anyone can believe in it.

The distance between the object is large, and the distance from the object is small. Both surfaces are correct.

A pagan came to a religious conclusion: I want to add this sentence from a witness of the same situation, ending this horrible long story that caused me infinite imagination: “People If you don’t go beyond human nature, what a despicable thing!”

This is a valuable word, a kind of beneficial expectation, but it is also nonsense, because the fist is bigger than the slap, the arm is beyond the arm length, and I hope to step over two. The span of the legs, this is impossible, it is cranky.

It is impossible for man to surpass himself and transcend humanity: because he can only watch with his own eyes and grab with his own hands. Only when God extends a special hand to him will he take it to the next level; only if he gives up his means and raises and advances with the means of pure being God, he will go one step further. To accomplish this sacred and wonderful change depends not on the virtues of Stoic but on our Christian faith.