How does knowledge payment accumulate in the new trend?

In recent years, knowledge payment has become an important way to realize many Internet platforms, self-media, individual creators, etc. Users can obtain the required learning content through multiple channels. With the improvement of the entire market rules, the system of knowledge payment is also constantly Adjust changes to meet different levels of user needs. 2016 to 2017 is the key to promoting the development of knowledge payment . In the past two years, many knowledge platforms have emerged, and the promotion of individual content entrepreneurs’ brands, such as knowing about Live, Himalayan, answering, and creating craftsmen. And get the development of other platforms . 2018 is the year of change in knowledge payment. The knowledge payment for a good development trend suddenly caught cold in 2018. The whole trend was accompanied by the decline of user renewal rate and the homogenization of content. The whole industry was labeled as “cold winter”. “Cool”, “bottleneck” and other labels.

The emergence of these phenomena has caused many content entrepreneurs to start cautiously entering the game. From the crazy growth of the previous two years to the current bottleneck, it seems that it is cold, but it is the development rule of the whole industry. When it first rises, everyone sees the bonus, as long as there is content. With the user, you can realize it. The whole market has not yet developed the corresponding control mechanism for the development of the trend. The content entrepreneurs grasp the user’s demand for learning, start to output a large amount of content and ignore the quality of the content itself and the user’s learning content. The substantive demand has led users to fail to achieve the expected gains in the purchased content. Users began to rationally choose to consume. From the perspective of the entire industry, users only choose to be more cautious, but the data of the entire user is still growing steadily.

According to estimates, it is estimated that the knowledge-paid industry in 2020 is expected to have a revenue of 96 billion yuan, and the corresponding platform profit has a potential of nearly 15 billion. Based on a 30-fold valuation, it is expected to support a market value of 450 billion. In the next three years, the scale of the content-paid industry will continue to grow.

With the policy to strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, the support provided by the popularization of online payment and the upgrading of users’ consumption, knowledge payment has become a new enthusiasm for economic forms. There are tens of thousands of content entrepreneurs in China, how should we arrest them? Live this opportunity to realize your own value, let knowledge be realized faster and better?

It is understood that in the field of content payment, one of the representatives of the makers of content-paying technology service providers has taken the lead in realizing and building a complete set of technical service operation plans for the entire knowledge-paying industry, so that more content entrepreneurs can Easily build online knowledge stores, and improve the service and operation system to help content entrepreneurs to more fully capture users, meet user needs and strengthen the development of the brand.

When entering the online education development period in 2015, the makers and craftsmen have already entered the knowledge-paying industry, taking online entrepreneurship training as a breakthrough, inviting lecturers to share relevant entrepreneurial dry goods, and breaking through more than 300,000 online students in less than one year. . At the beginning of 2016, as many lecturers suggested that this system could be developed for them, Jiang Hongbo, CEO of the maker of craftsmen, realized that this was a new trend, and began to transform and focus on providing technology for content entrepreneurs. Support and store development, more and more traditional offline training institutions are beginning to realize the changes brought about by the era of mobileization and fragmentation. In order to comply with the trend of the times and broaden the profit channels, the demand for online education and training institutions and lecturers is more Coming urgently. At the same time, the entire education industry is also on the way to online knowledge education, and entrepreneurs are also chasing the dividends brought by knowledge payment.

After more than three years of development, the experienced technical team, mature market operation mode, and perfect service system can give comprehensive support and services to content entrepreneurs, and detail the operation plan, picture design and business model design. , curriculum planning and design, etc., truly realize that entrepreneurs only need to focus on the content, other worry-free one-stop services, forming a closed loop of knowledge payment.