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There was an early crash on Hirvenhov’s farm. All the windows of the manor’s long main building gleamed to reflect the light of the rising sun.

Elisa Spitzenholdt came to the gate and began to sprinkle the bread crumbs on the sparrow that immediately fled to the flocks around her. There was something powerful in his bosom, as well as in his facial features, that resembled an ancient Scandinavian woman, something that aroused both confidence and respect. When he looked at him, he did not pay special attention to his age. Elisa Spitzenholdt’s being had something youthful, but at the same time matured and as such she charmed.

The birds were getting denser around him, they almost dared to eat his hands.

When everything was shared, the birds looked at him with their heads tilted to their hollow eyes, as if wondering that Kemu was already over. Then he smiled and said gently to the crowd:

“Isn’t it still enough? Everywhere, therefore, is the same: Kuta more, the more you want.”

He was still rubbing his hands, maybe had some grip on them. That’s right: the bread crumbled on his foot, a little sparrow immediately snatching it.

Elisha stood there waiting for the sparrow to fly by itself, she would not have been scared. Then he went to the other side of the yard. Hirvenhov, the largest in the field, is captured by high, dense forests, rich in game and poetry, but close to the river that drifts through the region has allowed the forest to recede and make room for farmland. Here the river runs quietly and carelessly, it does not hurry to fall down to the lake, so happy it is in the sky reflecting, the carrots of the children rocking on their surface and sneezing in the thunderstorm. But maltappa! When a river reaches the forest, it even turns into a different one. The wind that buzzes in the woods of the forest gives birth to a cataract in its mind, trees, both large and small, who are trembling to its shores, and teach it to realize that the world has to go forward. And the river starts to flow.

Further afield, its beaches rise, steep and converge. The riverbed begins to be cramped, but if the difficulties increase, the desire to move forward will come, and soon it will be strange: the former calm river will sound loud. Gradually, its whimsical song rises to the roar of the waterfall, competing with the noise of the forest.

Elisa walked over the river, which, after Hirvenhov’s garden, had begun to hurry up. There was a forest on one side of the beach. Elisa stepped into her hem.

There was a half-twilight; the day that had just risen had not yet reached its full power. The wind, blowing in the foliage of the trees, dropped the bouquets of hair on Elisa’s hair, she sees, as usual, went open. Never did he think of treating his skin, not protecting it with gauze or parasols. It was dated, health-threatening and clean like the water of the source where he washed.

After passing a half hours in the woods, he came over to the small Tollin. Its roof was grazed by the grass in full growth, and the coarse wall cuttings had never been swept by the painter’s brush.

Töll’s only room was fully inhabited; there you lived two pigs, three lambs, a cat, four chickens and a mistress of all of them, old grandma. The latter was lying on a bed that had been assembled from all kinds of rusks.

Elisa slipped through this herd to her grandmother.

“How can you now, Inga Grandma?” he asked.

“Huh,” he murmured as a sick answer and looked bored at Elisa.

Elisa asked again. His shallow but clear voice gradually recruited his grandmother again and brought him back from the whims of the caretakers to real life. She knew Elisa and started telling her about her condition.

Elisa looked around. After all, the animals had been in trouble for days and without interfering with the naked floor, where neither the broom nor the brush was visible. The air was so ruined that there was indeed a question of courage for those who dared to step into the bed. It was just a sick room!

For a long time, Ingela had a habit of keeping pets in her living room. She lived in an old and lonely way, eager to follow and enjoy the animals rather than the people, because the previous ones were more loyal and never resisted, the last thing the grandmother really liked. Before being healthy, he had used his cattle in the pasture in the woods, but now that he was no longer able to do so, the animals could hardly ever get out. He wanted to keep them partly because they would not be stolen, but mainly because they kept the dove warm; Grandma had become so cold since that malignant disease had gotten into her body.

Only last night Elisa had heard about Inga’s illness. He had now come to see what the rumors he heard were after and found things worse than he might have.

Without asking Mummy’s mind, he immediately opened the door to his back to the animals who, with good pleasure, began to leave open. But now, Grandma, who just looked half-dead, was alive. He bowed to his seat and began to resist, but in vain. Only after all the piglets and the sheep were pleased with the groans and the marmosets blinking out, and the last chicken fluttering in his wings had flown, Elisa closed the door. Then he began to restrain the disgusted grandmother. It was by no means an easy task, but Elisa had a wonderful ability to curb both human and animal anger. The manners of the mansion knew to tell her once as a half-brother, an angry bull that had helped her, who, when returning from the pasture, was so frustrated that she had no other advice than to attack and lock the barn door. Then Elisha had come to the scene and went to the barn alone, in the horror of all, shut the door and connected the bull. He had no weapon, only a piece of salt in his hand. Since then, the people thought he had a special tannery. And it also came out here. The old Inga was silent and calmed down, not because he had accepted any of the reasons given by Elisa, but he was unable to resist the girl’s tender view, expressing the greatest willpower; he was also influenced by the convincing tone of Elisa’s voice. Grandma realized that Elisa had to keep her head, at least as long as she was in the dungeon. He still suffocated that Elisa opened the window, took the broom and started sweeping the floor. The fire was ignited and the coffee pot was boiled. Elisa found a little bit of food off the table. That’s how she got a grandma’s meal, partly against her will, part of her mind. The coffee refreshed his powers to leave Elisa at least to some extent to make this work empty. He got out of bed and knocked at the door he managed to get open. With a lost voice, he shouted his pets back to the bed. They obeyed him and gradually began to come. Grandma closed both the door and the window and banged back to the bed. But then the forces were at the end. He no longer felt the sound of a pig that would put the bed on his back to shake the bed. It was a painful affair for the grumbling body of the grandmother, but little for the dear animals around her. He was no longer able to lift his head, but he felt how clean the house was now. Huh, he was cool!

When Elisa arrived home, the family members gathered for breakfast.

Major Spitzenholdt was a handsome looking man, even though his hair and beard were already shining in Silver. His brow eyebrows and big nose created a harsh feature on his face, which sharply differed from his otherwise generous tone of shape. Major was always in a good mood when he wasn’t angry with anyone. Cataract and heavy-mindedness were guests of his nature. When he resigned, he now lived at Hirvenhov’s farm and was generally known as a lumpy and benevolent man.

When she had a breakfast clock, she stepped into the hall, herself and the whole world with satisfaction. In his play, he did what Elisa was biting and wondered how the Queen of Hirvenhov tolerated.

Elisa quietly removed her hand. He was tempted by the fact that his father, even in the presence of a stranger, did not understand to appear in his worth. Next to him stood a young master, Sven Riise, who a few days ago came to Hirvenhov as a teacher for the youngest, four-and twelve-year-old children, Irena and Torvald.

With little attention to her daughter’s silent disapproval, she turned to Major’s Master and talked to her in the same lovable way:

“My daughter is a bit harsh,” he said, pointing to Elisa, “he keeps us all under fear and trembling, being good as an angel.”

He looked at Elisha in a clever, but at the same time forgiving look, and then kissed him gently. After still kissing Irene and Torvaldi, she settled down with her family.

“Silla’s aunt and Kristian are, as usual, punctual,” Major pointed out two empty seats at the table.

“Dad,” said Elisa, “I don’t think Andersson is suitable for the job.”

“Vastako realize it now, my pet? I’m already a long time ago noticed,” replied the Major casually.

The Master seemed to be amazed. After seeing it, Major burst out laughing and continued:

“For the man also has his merit. He liked no man to sail. He had been a sailor before he came here; ”

“But unless he does his job, you should get his difference,” the Master thought.

“I suppose I should,” admitted Major, “but, the dog would take who separates him? At least I can’t. Once upon a time I spoke to him and then he burst into such a bad day that I immediately canceled my threat. , and stay, I do not regret it. more frequent work sites to visit. ”

“But this kind of watch doesn’t cost much when the father is sitting all the time listening to his pockets,” Torvald said with a laugh.

“Do you boy, do you start wise?” said Major, making a frightening look.

Torvald was not in any way.

“But, Dad,” said Elisa, “it is impossible to allow Andersson to continue his current way of life”.

“And why wouldn’t it go to quality?” asked Major a little bit curiously. He was usually afflicted by any kind of change, especially when he was required to take the reforms.

“He has begun to drink, Father. Maybe it would be helpful if you set a condition for abstinence in his work.”

“Preach to her unconditional abstinence, my friend. If I were to do it, she might answer me,” Sweep your own threshold first. ”

“Today he was late in the field because he was drunk yesterday.”

“Well, didn’t the people work?”

“Did it.”

“Well, what about that? Don’t you ring a little sleigh in the morning?”

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“But work does not run at full speed when the coverman is gone.”

“Running; the pace is good yes. Let’s talk about something else.”

“Miss was out early today,” said Elisa.

“So I was at dawn.”

“Hui, how could you get up in the middle of the night?” there was a voice behind Elisa. The speaker was Kristian’s brother, who finally finally came out. He was a lieutenant in a regiment in the countryside and so he had such a good time to drift lazy in Hirvenhov. Elisa, on the other hand, rejoiced that she tolerated her idleness there and not elsewhere.

“I went to see the Inga wall in the Hanninkylä forest cottage. She’s lying sick.”

“You can take him a bottle of port wine,” said Major graciously.

“Thank you, it refreshes her. But even more she needs cleanliness and fresh air,” said Elisa, telling her in what state she had met with Grandma.

Everything started to refresh, except for the Major who understood the elderly.

“A person feels what he is used to,” he said, “losing a loved one always feels awkward, whether it be gold and glory or curse and piglets.”

“But if he has to die now, he is in all cases resigning,” said Elisa.

“Let it hardly keep her cattle with her until she dies,” said Major and threw some treats to her favorite cats who were sitting up on each side of the table.

“I hope I can save my grandmother’s spirit by cleaning her cigarette,” said Elisa. “In such a cleaning, it is impossible for him to live.”

“Rather, he dies if you deprive him of his dirty dirt,” Major thought. “Let him keep his wings.”

“He loves dirt! After all, it is terrible. The people need education. There should be a lecture on health care here,” said Kristian, whose activity suddenly awoke.

He could sometimes be very big-minded, especially when it was something he didn’t need to do.

“You, Riise, think about such a lecture,” he added.

“Elisa Miss, I think it would be better.”

“Elisa No, thank you my sister can not hold speeches at that point I am in favor of the Bible that?!.! Woman hold your peace”

“I think no world health lectures will be enough to clean up the Inga Grandma’s vagina. That’s better done by a lady with bones and root brushes. She’s acting much more than ever before,” Elisa said.

“That was the true word,” said the Master, smiling. “There’s a lot of talk and little activity in the world.”

The door was opened and Silla’s aunt entered the martyr.

“Your mercy will forgive us for sitting,” said Major. “But your morning dreams and our early appetites are both too good. They are just as bad as our church priests.”

“My Morning Sleep!” exclaimed Silla’s aunt. “It’s not really good. Look, Master Riise, I never sleep, but nobody takes it to believe.”

Silla’s aunt was Major’s sister. She was a lady died, moved the family to manage the Major’s finances and children, Elisa but it actually concerns all liked, even self-tädistäkin Silla.

But in the old lady’s opinion, her disease was never treated with such great compassion as she thought she could claim. Therefore, he always, full of new desires, presented all his pain to every new person who happened to his way. He told the Master very thoroughly about all the pains that had spoiled his corpse. And the Master listened to him with real sadness. Now Silla Aunt was happy! He was right in tearing the tears of movement because he had finally met a person who understood him. It was only right that Silla’s aunt could realize her pitiful condition.

“You do not slander you, Riise,” said Lieutenant at breakfast, “now you got Silla’s aunt to your whoops! in that time no one can stand. ”

The Master smiled:

“I am saddened by Miss Spitzenholdt because of her insomnia.”

“Ah, yes he sleeps,” assured Kristian, “he is the healthiest of us, even though he thinks he is killing the death disease.”

“The assumed suffering is often much more difficult than the real,” replied the Master, stepping up the stairs leading to the school room.

Lieutenant looked after him. Riise’s thin ghost with its protruding shoulders stood sharply from her own strong body structure.


The Master turned and looked at him asking. Kristian now noticed that her feminine gentle, blue eyes were overshadowed by a dark circle, and the thin lips rested with a stamp of silent suffering.

“You’ve spent the sleepless night, not Silla’s aunt,” he said.

“Everything I thought I was controlling,” the master replied with a smile.

“Come to fish with me and let the kids get permission today”, suggested
“I can not.”

“Why can’t you? The laughs would be delighted. No one here ask to interfere with your teaching.”

“But my principles are asking to get involved with them,” replied the Master.

“There are no principles in this house, put them out the fastest!”

The master shook his head and made his steps up the stairs, as the clock hit and his regularity was one of the principles of this young man.

During the day, a healer came out of the Hanninkylä Forest, who explained that Inga was quite impossible. He was not divorced from his loved one under any condition, and no one could care for him, so he was miserable.

Elisa brought the matter to herself. The messenger was waiting for his decision.

“I didn’t get the animals out of the way,” he said. “He attracted them back as soon as I noticed that I was trying to take them away. Finally, the animals were completely wild, even the piglets were biting me.”

“Then he’ll probably keep his animal. Thank you for your help,” Elisa replied briefly.

Taking food and wine with him, he left a moment later at the Inga Grandma’s cottage. At the end of the track, he met Rudi voudi.

“Either you leave the sick?” asked Elisa.

“I don’t have time to stay longer. Leena-muori happened to go past and promised to sit there for a moment,” Riitta replied.

“What about who?”

“At least I can’t come back,” Riitta said hesitantly.

It was clear that returning did not please Riitta, but on the other hand, it was difficult for him to deny Elisa’s anything.

“I have washed the floor and siistinyt there at all what I could,” he said.

Elisa remembered having made a little bit of trouble and took the purse out of her pocket. But Riitta refused to take anything. Elisa created a more gentle glance at her, because now she noticed that Riitta was not reluctant to help, but that she really didn’t have that time. So they divorced and Elisa went on.

Immediately after seeing him, Inga Grandma prepared for a vigorous resistance. But it was unnecessary, because Elisa immediately assured me that the animals would not be taken away.

“I’ll get someone to take care of you and you,” he said softly.

Now the old man was no longer angry, but instead he blessed and wept. And Elisha wondered if the grandmother’s recent anger was her fault, the one who, by interfering with Grandma’s affairs, had aroused it.

“But I meant good,” Elisa defended himself against conspiracy.

Now I had to get someone to take care of Inga’s grandmother and her pets.
When Elisa had thought about it, a good inch came to her mind.
After a moment of remorse, he promised to send Mänentuvan Signen shortly
to help my grandmother.
And the Signe of Going Down came from the joy of the rays when she could do to her beloved
Serving Elisa’s Ladies.
In the years behind, Elisa had completely defeated Sella’s heart through a sudden act that Elisa herself immediately forgot. Once upon a time, some of the girls had ridiculed the bad clothes and the ugly shape of Signe, which, in addition to that, was accompanied by a rumor. Then Elisa had to pass by and heard the numb speeches. Without looking at the other girls, he had come straight to Selle and kissed him, despite the cheek. From that moment, Signe Elisa was the most loyal friend.

This is now a benefit to Inga’s grandmother. For her grandmother’s help, she always thought that she was also in love with Elisa, and then the work went well and it was done well.

Long did not really need Signe’s service, because the state of the Inga Grandma deteriorated. Elisa sent both a doctor and a priest, but neither could do anything. The previous raised his shoulders and explained that the grandmother would soon end, after which he immediately left. The latter tried his best to talk to the dead about his sins, the Savior and the Eternal, but in vain! Quite strangers were these things for the elderly, and when his mind was confusing, he couldn’t understand anything about the speech.

Last night, when Grandma lived, Elisa stayed long. Signen was now overseen there for another night. Elisa offered to supervise her, but Signe refused to do so, but she was somehow sleeping last night and was not tired at all.

“When I could get those pigs,” he said. “They’re so bad.”

“Put them out. It won’t harm them, and they probably won’t go away,” said Elisa.

But Signe didn’t dare. What if the grandma were getting angry.

“But it’s grandma already dying,” said Elisa, watching her dying. “It is impossible for him to realize what is happening around him.”

Piglets were already lying. Elisa woke them up and tried to get out. But they did not want to leave and annoyed their reluctance to angry. At the same time there was a missed voice: “Let me be alive!”

Elisa and Signe looked at each other. They would hardly be more surprised if they heard the dead speak. Needless to say, the survivors then remained at peace.

Elisha tried to talk to the elderly, but she didn’t listen to her voice.

Elisan’s mind seemed strange when he left his home. Thus, the heart may be so firmly attached to the little earthly good that it cannot and does not want to think about its future beyond the grave. But on the other hand, he was moved by the affectionate care of the animals. There was no other creature in Ingela to whom love could have been shown. And love is always love, then focus on the pig.

Overnight, the Inga grandmother died. “Let me live!” that is his last words and his last self-conscious thoughts on earth.